No. 1 sophomore PG Troy Brown Jr. talks Kansas visit, AP English, coaches visiting and more

No. 1 sophomore PG Troy Brown Jr. talks Kansas visit, AP English, coaches visiting and more

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No. 1 sophomore PG Troy Brown Jr. talks Kansas visit, AP English, coaches visiting and more


Troy Brown Jr. is the top point guard in the ESPN 25 and No. 2 overall player in the class of 2017. After dominating the AAU circuit this summer, The Centennial (Las Vegas) star has everyone from Arizona to Duke to Arizona State, among many others, hot on his trail. Now Brown has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.


What’s up world!

This is Troy Brown back with another blog to tell y’all some more details about everything going on with me and what’s ahead.

I got back from USA mini-camp about a week ago in Colorado and it was a great just being around Chase (Jeter) and Zimm (Stephen Zimmerman) and Jaylen (Brown) and all the older guys and seeing some of my fellow classmates like Michael Porter, Markus Howard, Jarred Vanderbilt, P.J. Washington and players like that.

It was fun and the workouts were really hard and we all really pushed ourselves.

We went through drills and it let the coaches get a chance to evaluate what we did then we go back and tryout for the team in June.

I think my toughest matchup was when they put all the players that were playing for the Hoop Summit on one team and I had to guard Jaylen Brown. He’s tough.

I would give myself a B overall for the weekend.

I felt like I did pretty well, but a lot of the smaller guards were bringing the ball up and because I’m a big guard I played off the ball a little more so a lot of people were questioning whether I was a one or a two.

I’m definitely a point guard.

That’s my main position and that’s the position that I work to get better at every day, but, ya know, when coaches see that I’m 6-5 they automatically move me to the two. I understand that sometimes too though.

My mindset on the court is to get my teammates involved as much as possible and to put them in positions where I know they’ll be at their best. I feel like that’s the job of the point guard and that’s how I’m constantly thinking on the court.

The good thing is that most of the schools recruiting me are recruiting me as a point guard.

Every day after school me and my teammates are in the gym working and I can definitely tell that we’re getting better. It’s different because I’ve had some college coaches come by to see my workout like ASU, Arizona, USC and Louisville have all been by.

I still get hype when the coaches come by to watch; it motivates me, but, in a way, I’m a little used to it. I think sometimes you can overdo it a little trying to impress the coaches that are there. Most coaches that come to see you already know what you can do, they just want to see how you act in practice.

I just do what I always do. I go hard if they’re there or not so it’s easier for me.

Our team is looking good!

I can honestly say that I think we’ll be going to states based off what I’ve been seeing in workouts. I can’t predict the future past that, but I think we’ll get there.

My personal goal is to average a triple-double and last year me and Chase Jeter were in the running for the Gatorade Player of the Year and they ended up giving it to a senior. I want to win that this year.

I think the one thing I want to work on is being way more assertive and way more vocal. Sometimes my dad and the other coaches tell me that I play the nice guy a little too much.

Now I’ve been working on being more vocal, even in workouts telling my teammates things but, at the same time, not trying to come across like I’m trying to boss everyone around.

The other thing is knowing when it’s time to take over the game and going and getting a bucket when we need it. I feel like I’ve been doing good with that.

I went to Late Night in the Phog last weekend and it was great!

We went to practice the next day and then went to the football game. They offered me while I was down there.

My sister Jada (Brown) actually plays there at Kansas.

She used to tear me up one-on-one when I was younger but now she can’t hold me!

I don’t think her going there will factor in to my decision when that time comes because she won’t be there when I’m ready to go to college. Of course her being there gives me a little more comfort about the school, but I’m more worried about what the school has to offer me.

I don’t know about any other visits right now, but I’ll let you guys know if that changes.

School is cool too!

I just did a project on transcendentalists in my pre-AP English class and it was about how people live for petty trends instead of living for God and what would really help us accomplish things in the real world.

I got a B on it but I wanted that A!

OK y’all thank you for reading my blog.

I’ll be back with another one soon so check back in with me.

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