PHENOMenology: Kaseem Vauls may be the best 13-year-old DT in the country

Kaseem Vauls is on his way. Don’t worry, he’s not getting there soon. He’s only 13.

Vauls was recently selected as one of the “Great 8” at the 2014 Elite Middle School All-Star Game. Vauls was the breakaway star on the defensive line at the event, and is quickly being branded as the top defensive lineman in the Class of 2021, a crop of athletes who are current sixth graders.

The middle schooler is scheduled to attend South Mecklenburg in Charlotte, N.C. Currently 5-foot-4 and 165 pounds, he is expected to continue growing and, potentially, build on the speed that he currently uses to dominate the defensive line.

Will he emerge as the next great lineman to come out of North Carolina? Time will tell. He’s certainly off to a good start, as his highlight videos attest to.

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