Prep profile: Two Rivers' Kenzie Walesh (Updated)

Prep profile: Two Rivers' Kenzie Walesh (Updated)


Prep profile: Two Rivers' Kenzie Walesh (Updated)



Mack, but only Mr. Nebel can call me that

Sports Kenzie competes in

Basketball, volleyball, swimming, and track and field

All-time team sports achievement

“When my basketball team won conference this year.”

All-time individual achievement

“Recently, Coach Nebel informed me that I am now going to be on my school’s banner for top scorers. It’s a huge accomplishment that I’ll be able to carry with me forever. Oh, and it surprised me a bit because I didn’t even know I was close.”

No. 1 athletic goal

“Go to State for basketball this year.”

Kenzie’s thoughts

“My teammates (are her favorite part of her team). Before all of our games, we always have team dinners. We have get togethers. They make basketball a lot of fun and I just love being around them.”

Coach Mike Schultz’s thoughts

“She’s a very funny kid when you get her kind of away from the game. The way she interacts with her teammates, she treats everybody the same, nobody is better than anybody else and she certainly doesn’t think that she’s better than anybody.”

Kenzie’s favorites

* Sport: Football

* Pro/college athlete: Aaron Rodgers

* Pro/college team: Green Bay Packers

* Musical artist or group: Luke Bryan

* Song of all time: “You Are My Sunshine”

* TV show: “Sex and the City”

* Movie: “The Notebook”

* Class: Psychology

* Food: “Mary Smith’s ice cream cake.”

* Saying or piece of advice: “Whenever we screw up during practice or if Mr. Schultz is mad, the best advice is to avoid eye contact.” -Teammate and cousin Alexi Walesh

* Hobby: Cuddling

What if …

* You could be any celebrity on earth for a week. Who would it be? Carrie Underwood

* You could listen to a song minutes before the biggest athletic event of your life to get you hyped. What would it be? “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus

* You could meet one famous person, a non-athlete, who would it be? Luke Bryan

Quick Q&A

* Who inspires you most? “My mom. She’s amazing.”

* What is your dream vacation destination? Bora Bora

* Who’s the toughest opponent you have ever faced? Algoma

* What’s your No. 1 pet peeve? “Bad grammar and spelling on Facebook.”

* What do you want to do for a living? “Nursing or sonography.”

* Why are sports important to you? “They give me something to work hard for and they surround me with a great group of people.”

* Which Facebook friend has the most interesting status updates and best photos? Alexi Walesh

* What’s your strength as a person? “I always give 100 percent and work hard in everything I do.”

* What do you still need to work on? “Having more patience.”

* Do you have any pre-match rituals? “My team and I always do a few cheers before each game to get us fired up. Marissa Broehm has the best dance move.”

* Top person you follow, or would follow, on Twitter? EWC Confessions


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