Rayna Porter wants to become a kindergarten teacher down the road.

Rayna Porter wants to become a kindergarten teacher down the road.


Rayna Porter wants to become a kindergarten teacher down the road.


Whenever 13WMAZ brings you an Athlete of the Week, you probably figure the student is smart, does well in their respective sport, and is a natural leader.

They are all great kids, but every now and then a twist comes along.

Rayna Porter is a senior at Northeast High School and she gets the honor this week for her grade point average, but also her spunky giving spirit.

Porter is a vocal kid.
When we met her one day last week she was demonstrating a chemistry equation.

“There are our initial reactants,” she explained. “These are our reactants from the beginning.”

Porter is ranked in the top 10 percent of her class.
So her chemistry teacher Chiquita Dinkins doesn’t mind the chatter at all.

“In chemistry she is very tenacious about finding things out,” Dinkins said. “Rayna is a very active student. A very fun loving student, but Rayna is also a leader.”

You might even call her a cheerleader of sorts.
She is frequently patting other students on the back and encouraging them to do better.

“She likes to teach the other students and likes to get involved in class,” Dinkins said.

Porter is also a three-sport athlete.

In the spring you will see her stretching out to run the 800 meters with the track team but her real love surrounds basketball and softball.
The Golden Rams have also taken notice and she says offered her a deal.

“I’m thinking about Albany,” Porter said. “They offered me a scholarship so if I get that then that’s where I’ll go.”

And the senior who has about run her course in high school, isn’t done with the classroom.

“I want to major in education,” she said. “I don’t know. I have so many little children at my house … I just want to be a kindergarten teacher.”

Porter is the middle child in a family of 10.
It’s her family that’s molded that fun-loving spirit and teaching temperament.

“You know I like helping them out with stuff and teaching them how to do stuff, Rayna said with a big smile.

So in the end it’s the students in Mrs Dinkins class and possibly future generations that will benefit from this charismatic, charitable and caring senior that seems to possess the perfect chemical compound of leadership skills.

“She is the kind of person where everyone wants to see her do well and succeed and she fosters that in other students,” said Dinkins.


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