Smoky Hill proud despite loss

Smoky Hill proud despite loss


Smoky Hill proud despite loss


Zero week was the last thing the Buffaloes needed. Smoky Hill had two weeks to adjust to a new coaching staff after making a change the day before practice started.

“It’s been tough. The 1st day we were very mentally blocked but the second day we came out and opened our minds and were ready to get to work, ready to have a good year,” said senior Jarrell Ganaway.

Athletic director Preston Davis took the head coaching position on an interim basis. He had 24 hours to assemble a coaching staff and even had to talk three assistants out of retirement.

“We got together and asked all of them why they were here. Everyone said, ‘for the kids’,” Davis told 9NEWS.

Two weeks to prepare and the game went about as expected. A 35 point loss in an impossible assignment. Davis was emotional as he addressed the team after the game.

“None of you should feel bad about what happened tonight,” said Davis. “Everyone of you stayed true to who you are and what we’ve asked you to do. Be a buffalo, be proud to be a buffalo, play for yourselves, play for your community and every single one of you guys did that. I’m walking out of here with my head held high because it’s going to sky rocket and everyone of of you guys are a part of this. I’m damn proud of everyone of you guys. Thank you for letting us be a part of your guys lives this year.”

Davis says he can’t coach enthusiasm or heart.

Luckily with his new team he won’t have to.


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