Softball Q&A Sessions: Jess Stevenson, Red Bank

Softball Q&A Sessions: Jess Stevenson, Red Bank


Softball Q&A Sessions: Jess Stevenson, Red Bank


Editor’s note: This softball season, the Asbury Park Press brings forth a new content initiative titled The Softball Q&A Sessions, which will appear multiple times per week on and feature a randomly picked Shore Conference player’s answers to fun, light-hearted and interesting questions. Participating players are selected by their coaches and softball writer David Biggy asks the questions via email.

Q. Why do you enjoy playing first base so much?

A. I’ve played first base for as long as I can remember, so it’s almost like second nature to me at this point. I love being involved in almost every play. Honestly, I feel a sense of importance while playing that position, because my teammates count on me to do my job — catch the ball!

Q. You’re a senior. So, which college are you going to attend and why, and are you going to play softball?

A. It doesn’t feel like I’m a senior considering high school went incredibly fast, but I have decided to attend The College of New Jersey. I decided to go there because the second I stepped on campus, it just felt right. The campus is beautiful and I can only describe it as “perfect.” I wanted a challenging academic school, where I would be receiving a great education and also where I could still continue to play ball. So, yes, I am going to play softball! TCNJ has a great softball program with Coach Miller leading the way, and I am so excited to become a part of it. I found everything I wanted in a school at TCNJ.

Q. So which fits your personality more, being a Buccaneer or a Lion?

A. Well, once a Buc always a Buc! I am so proud to call myself a Red Bank Regional Buccaneer, considering how much I have learned on and off the field. However, I have always been a fan of the big cat and becoming a Lion just made TCNJ that much better. Lions have a sense of leadership and confidence that I feel kind of reflects my personality. I strive to be a great leader and positive influence for my teammates, so I definitely would like to think of myself as a Lion.

Q. If you had a secret you wanted kept, who on your team would you tell and why?

A. I would probably just tell each individual person privately and then just sit back and watch as they tell each other (kidding!). We’re a tight-knit team, so we don’t really have any secrets. But if I did, I would be able to tell anyone on my team because I trust every single one of them, regardless of their talkative natures. (Biggy’s note: If I had a secret, I’d probably tell Katie Serkus. Oh, wait … I’ve already told her one secret this season.)

Q. What’s been the most special moment of your high school career to this point?

A. I have had so many amazing memories during my high school career that it’s hard to name the “most special” one. But, I probably have to say that it was when I hit the walk-off home run against Middletown North during my sophomore year after an amazing eight-inning game. We had lost to North the previous year and we wanted that win, so every single player gave it 110-percent, as if it was a championship game. It was funny because I actually hit the home run off of a good friend and old teammate of mine, who was thrown into the game in the seventh inning. When I hit it, it just felt perfect off of my bat and to hear my teammates yell and cheer for me the way they did was amazing. My favorite part of it was when I ran in and saw the look senior captain Trish Langley’s face. She also refused to hug me. You see … she was up next and I ended the game before she got her chance to hit. Oops!

Q. It’s my understanding you’re nearing the 100-hit mark for your career and will be the first RBR player to do it when you hit it. What’s that mean to you?

A. Well, to be honest, I hadn’t even realized I was nearing the 100-hit mark until someone had mentioned it to me after talking to my coach, Coach D’Esposito. I don’t know how many hits I’ve had this year or how close I am to reaching 100, because it’s the last thing on my mind as of right now. But, it’s also hard to believe that I’ll be the first RBR player to do it, considering how many talented players we’ve had in the program. It’ll be a great accomplishment if I do reach 100 hits. As the first, I feel like I’ll be leaving a mark on my school and the softball program, which is something I’ve always intended and strived to do. (Biggy’s note: So as to not spoil the surprise when Jess hits No. 100, I won’t reveal how close she is to the milestone.)

Q. So why No. 27?

A. Well, I actually used to wear No. 14, which was my dad’s number when he played. However, when I was 10 and moving up to a 12-and-under travel team, another girl had No. 14, so I was forced to switch. When I had to switch, I chose No. 27 because of my admiration for Jennie Finch. I had always admired Finch as a player, regardless of my total lack of pitching ability. She’s tall and blonde and I’m tall and blonde, so I figured we had some similarities back then. Later on, I had the chance to change it back to 14 but 27 just stuck with me all throughout middle school, and I wanted it as my own when I came into high school. Also, it just so happens that 2 X 7 = 14. It’s a win-win. (Biggy’s note: That last part, with the math equation, is just way too deep for this brain — there’s a reason I’m a writer, you know.)


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