South Brunswick boys edge Old Bridge for GMC Relays title

South Brunswick boys edge Old Bridge for GMC Relays title


South Brunswick boys edge Old Bridge for GMC Relays title



The competition between the South Brunswick and Old Bridge boys indoor track teams was neck-and-neck all the way on Sunday in the Greater Middlesex Conference Coaches Relays at the Bennett Center.

In the end, the Vikings did what they needed to do, as they placed in first in four of the eight events and took second in another two as they totaled 63 team points to edge Old Bridge, which came in second with 59.

“We knew what we were going to win, but we knew Old Bridge would be right behind us and that certain events like high jump we knew they would get big points on us and we’d have to make it up elsewhere,” South Brunswick first-year head coach Chris Ruskie said. “We told the guys the day before that we can’t do worse than what we’re expected in any event because there’s no margin for error, and we basically finished as good or better everywhere else.”

South Brunswick finished in first-place in the 4×800, sprint medley, distance medley, and shuttle hurdles.

The most crucial of those wins was in the sprint medley, as anchor Murray Morgan came from behind and crossed the finish line with a new meet record of 3:38.50, as the Vikings overtook Old Bridge, which finished second at 3:39.33.

“The lead that he had was huge,” said Murray, as the other members of South Brunswick’s sprint medley team were Wendell Allen, Elijah Suggs, and Alex Kainer. “I saw him and I knew I just couldn’t lose hope, and I needed to stay focused and I needed to gain ground every chance I could. And then last 200 I just gave it my all.”

South Brunswick also turned in second-place finishes in the 4×200 and shot put, as they scored points in all eight events and came in the top three in seven of them.

“We knew Old Bridge was gonna be a threat, we knew it was gonna be a battle between us and Old Bridge,” Murray said. “We needed to do everything that we could to be perfect and we couldn’t control what (Old Bridge) would do, so we just had to control ourselves and give it our all and hope for the best.”

Old Bridge’s 4×400 team of Alex Leto, Marcus Hernandez, Jayson Gilbert, Hazem Miawad set a new meet record with a 3:26.82 time.

East Brunswick and Spotswood were no-shows at the relays. East Brunswick’s superintendent would not allow its athletes to travel in the aftermath of Thursday’s snowstorm.

GMC Relays Boys Results

TEAM SCORES: 1. South Brunswick 63; 2. Old Bridge 59; 3. Metuchen 22; 3. St. Joseph 22; 5. J.P. Stevens 20; 6. Perth Amboy 16; 7. Piscataway 12; 8. J.F. Kenedy 11; 9. Edison 6; 10. Monroe 5; 11. Woodbridge 4; 11. South Plainfield 4; 11. Sayreville 4.

4×200: 1. Old Bridge (Hazeem Miawad, Alex Leto, Marcus Hernandez, Jayson Gilbert) 1:33.15; 2. South Brunswick 1:34.70; 3. Piscataway 1:37.09; 4. Edison 1:37.40; 5. Metuchen 1:38.29; 6. Perth Amboy 1:38.34.

4×400: 1. Old Bridge (Alex Leto, Marcus Hernandez, Jayson Gilbert, Hazem Miawad) 3:26.82; 2. Metuchen 3:27.19; 3. South Brunswick 3:33.60; 4. Piscataway 3:34.56; 5. St. Joseph 3:39.30; 6. J.F. Kennedy 3:40.46.

4×800: 1. South Brunswick (Matt Zamorski, Matt Tamasi, Tyler Sanders, Nick Neville) 8:15.66; 2. Old Bridge 8:32.86; 3. Metuchen 8:42.99; 4. Sayreville 8:44.13; 5. Perth Amboy 8:47.43; 6. South Plainfield 8:49.51.

SPRINT MEDLEY: 1. South Brunswick (Wendell Allen, Elijah Suggs, Alex Kainer, Morgan Murray) 3:38.50; 2. Old Bridge 3:39.33; 3. Perth Amboy 3:45.65; 4. J.P. Stevens 3:48.61; 5. South Plainfield 3:53.93; 6. Monroe 3:54.31.

DISTANCE MEDLEY: 1. South Brunswick (Morgan Murray, Rajiv Mukundan, Shahzaib Safi, Nick Neville) 10:52.53; 2. J.P. Stevens 10:53.86; 3. Metuchen 10:56.72; 4. Old Bridge 11:05.85; 5. St. Joseph 11:12.36; 6. Perth Amboy 11:12.88.

SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1. South Brunswick (Alex Kainer, Juan Baxter, Joelle Baxter, Evan Kainer) 31.31; 2. J.P. Stevens 32.50; 3. Old Bridge 32.84; 4. Monroe 33.46; 5. St. Joseph 34.04; 6. Edison 34.85.

HIGH JUMP: 1. J.F. Kennedy (Joseph Egri, Colin Puff) 11-2; 2. Old Bridge 11-2; 3. St. Joseph 11-0; 4. Woodbridge 10-8; 5. South Plainfield 10-6; 5. South Brunswick 10-6; 5. Edison 10-6.

SHOT PUT: 1. St. Joseph (Nicholas Krute, Alexander Borowick) 90-11.5; 2. South Brunswick 89-9; 3. Perth Amboy 87-4.75; 4. Old Bridge 86-1.75; 5. Piscataway 80-4; 6. J.F. Kennedy 75-4.25.


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