St. Joseph wins 37th straight GMC Swim championship title

St. Joseph wins 37th straight GMC Swim championship title


St. Joseph wins 37th straight GMC Swim championship title



The St. Joseph High School boys swim team only placed first in two events, but the Falcons’ depth provided all the points needed for a 37th consecutive Greater Middlesex Conference Championship win on Friday night at the Raritan Bay YMCA.

The Metuchen school only won the 50 free and the 200 freestyle relay, but with a team score of 414, edged out East Brunswick, which finished with 401 points.

“We knew from the very beginning that the meet was going to be extremely close,” said Falcons coach Steve Whittington. “We tried to align our lineup to maximize the points, but our kids just swam out of their minds and hats off to East Brunswick who also swam an unbelievable meet.”

Joseph Baron led the way for the Falcons, winning the 50 freestyle with a time of 21.72, beating Piscataway’s Andrew Ramos by .17 seconds.

Baron was also on the Falcons’ relay team that finished second in the 200 medley relay, and his big day helped the Falcons keep the legacy alive.

“I remember last year the guy next to me got first, so I knew I was going to have to take it out fast,” said Baron of the 50 freestyle race. “I just knew I had to give my all in that race.

Out of the 11 events, there was only one multi-event winner in the meet. Vincent Gibbons of North Brunswick took home the 200 free with a time of 1:43.38, and the 500 free with a time of 4:47.41.

“My goal coming into the meet was to swim my fastest times,” said Gibbons. “I give a lot of credit to my coaches because they were the ones who pushed me through the practices and my teammates who were the real ones to help me.”

Monroe’s Mike Skibniewski, who swims as an independent in the meet because Monroe does not have a swim team, took first place in the 100 butterfly. Skibniewski, who set the meet record in the event last year (51.30), nearly set another record, finishing with a time of 51.61.

“I was talking to my coach and she said ‘just go have fun with it,” said Skibniewski. “I went in with a positive attitude and just worked every third.”

For St. Joseph’s, the win is just another notch on the championship belt. While the team has qualified for the state meet, Whittington feels this was the season for the Falcons.

“This was our showing,” said Whittington. “This was the meet that we circled in the beginning of the season and I’m so happy for the boys.”

TEAM SCORES: 1. St. Joseph 414; 2. East Brunswick 401; 3. South Brunswick 298; 4. Piscataway 249; 5. Old Bridge 178; 6. North Brunswick 177.5.

200 Medley Relay: 1. Piscataway (Brandon Evers, Joseph Simunek, Evan Knott, Andrew Ramos) 1:41.57; 2. St. Joseph’s 1:41.94; 3. East Brunswick 1:42.28; 4. South Brunswick 1:46.19; 5. East Brunswick 1:47.16; 6. Metuchen 1:47.69.

200 Free: 1. Vincent Gibbons (North Brunswick) 1:43.38; 2. Jeffrey Chan (South Brunswick) 1:48.67; 3. Kevin Chow (East Brunswick) 1:49.86; 4. Joseph Simunek (Piscataway) 1:50.45; 5. Tyler Catania (St. Joseph) 1:55.29; 6. Brandon Evers (Piscataway) 1:55.37.

200 IM: 1. Drew Orzechowski (Old Bridge) 2:00.33; 2. Greg James (East Brunswick) 2:00.50; 3. Lucas Irvine (Highland Park) 2:03.83; 4. Daniel Galarza (J.P. Stevens) 2:05.61; 5. Eugene Kim (J.P. Stevens) 2:06.82; 6. Daniel Hui (East Brunswick) 2:06.94.

50 Free: 1. Joseph Baron (St. Joseph) 21.72; 2. Andrew Ramos (Piscataway) 21.89; 3. Michael Skibniewski (Monroe) 22.29; 3. Jonathan Leonardo (North Brunswick) 22.29; 5. Nicholas Torrisi (St. Joseph) 22.74; 6. Alex Skwish (East Brunswick) 22.79.

100 Butterfly: 1. Michael Skibniewski (Monroe) 51.61; 2. Brendan King (St. Joseph) 54.99; 3. Evan Knott (Piscataway) 57.95; 4. Adam Luk (North Brunswick) 58.89; 5. Thomas Li (Highland Park) 59.32; 6. Brendan Lawyer (St. Joseph) 59.47.

100 Free: 1.Jeffrey Chan (South Brunswick) 48.68; 2. Jonathan Leonardo (North Brunswick) 48.99; 3. Michael Sparks (Metuchen) 49.69; 4. Nolan Choi (East Brunswick) 50.80; 5. Harrison Kudwitt (South Brunswick) 50.97; 6. Nicholas Torrisi (St. Joseph) 51.13.

500 Free: 1. Vincent Gibbons (North Brunswick) 4:47.41; 2. Daniel Galarza (J.P. Stevens) 4:52.64; 3. Kevin Chow (East Brunswick) 4:58.74; 4. Brenden King (St. Joseph) 4:58.81; 5. Brandon Evers (Piscataway) 5:08.14; 6. Jeffrey Ho (East Brunswick) 5:16.93.

200 Free Relay: 1. St. Joseph (Nicholas Torrisi, Jonathan Baron, Enzo Butrico, Joseph Baron) 1:30.32; 2. East Brunswick 1:30.74; 3. North Brunswick 1:32.17; 4. South Brunswick 1:32.29; 5. East Brunswick 1:37.82; 6. Old Bridge 1:39.75.

100 Backstroke: 1. Andrew Ramos (Piscataway) 53.28; 2. Drew Orzechowski (Old Bridge) 55.32; 3. James Wu (South Brunswick) 56.09; 4. Daniel Hui (East Brunswick) 56.16; 5. David Wang (J.P. Stevens) 56.71; 6. Eugene Kim (J.P. Stevens) 56.77.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Greg James (East Brunswick) 1:00.44; 2. Joseph Simunek (Piscataway) 1:00.58; 3. Lucas Irvine (Highland Park) 1:01.05; 4. Joseph Baron (St. Joseph) 1:01.11; 5. Jeffrey Lin (Metuchen) 1:03.50; 6. Alex Skwish (East Brunswick) 1:04.35.

400 Freestyle Relay

1. South Brunswick (Harrison Kudwitt, Justin Atkinson, James Wu, Jeffrey Chan) 3:21.58; 2. Piscataway 3:23.76; 3. North Brunswick 3:24.26; 4. St. Joseph 3:27.40; 5. East Brunswick 3:27.49; 6. Old Bridge 3:29.69.


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