Chop-Up: T-Pain talks new album, offers advice for Jameis Winston, his 34 cars and more

Chop-Up: T-Pain talks new album, offers advice for Jameis Winston, his 34 cars and more

Celeb Chop-Up

Chop-Up: T-Pain talks new album, offers advice for Jameis Winston, his 34 cars and more


T-Pain is a Florida State fan. / Getty Images

T-Pain is a Florida State fan. / Getty Images

T-Pain may not be the most avid sports fan, but when it comes to his college football rooting interests he’s pretty matter-of-fact about where his allegiance lies.

“I’m definitely a Florida State fan,” T-Pain said. “I don’t have a choice there; I’ve gotta be.”

Makes sense since the two-time Grammy winner hails from Seminole country; the “T” in his name is short for Tallahassee.

Still, when it came to playing sports growing up, T-Pain readily admits that he was “more of an onlooker.”

“It just wasn’t my thing,” T-Pain said with a laugh. “Definitely respect athletes though; the things they can do are crazy!”

I caught up with T-Pain to chop-it-up about everything from his greatest hits album to his upcoming project Stoicville: The Phoenix to what kind of advice he’d offer to Jameis Winston.

Jason Jordan: I know you’re not a huge sports guy, but did you try it out coming up?

T-Pain: Ya know, not really. I was more of an onlooker. It just wasn’t my thing. Definitely respect athletes though; the things they can do are crazy!

JJ: I know you grew up in Tallahassee, Fla.; are you a Seminoles fan?

TP: Oh yeah! I’ve got to root for them being from there. I won’t say I follow it like that, but I definitely root for them.

JJ: I know that you have an advice column called Ask T-Pain so here’s my question: What advice would you give Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston on staying out of trouble?

TP: Stay out of the BS, man! Anything that’s just a little too fun, steer clear of that. You’ve never heard anybody say, “That was the best night of my life we had so much fun” and nothing went wrong on some level. It’s never all right; something went wrong that you probably don’t need to be around. Be able to recognize those situations and stay away from them.

JJ: Let’s take this thing random; what fast food restaurant has the best burgers?

TP: Checkers.

JJ: When you play Paper, Rock, Scissors which item gets you the most wins?

TP: (Laughs) The rock, mostly!

JJ: Worst pre-fame job?

TP: Working for my dad on a seafood truck. I didn’t get paid so that was bad. Long hours for no reason.

JJ: What do yellow traffic lights mean to you?

TP: (Laughs) Take it! I’m going man; I’m going. That light just means something got mixed up with the green light.

JJ: What movie absolutely deserves a sequel?

TP: Titanic. (Laughs) I know that sounds crazy, but I think James Cameron may have seen some things down there! I think he’s one of the only ones that’s gone down there and I’d like to see what he saw. You know they say The Great Gatsby is a sequel to Titanic! I’d love to see part two.

JJ: What’s the most overused slang word or phrase today?

TP: Turn up! I’m am absolutely done with that. You know the crazy thing is that when the song All the Way Turned Up was out no one was saying it at all. How crazy is that?

JJ: You tap a car in a parking lot and no one’s around; do you leave a note or do you move to a different row?

TP: (Laughs) I’m actually gonna wait there so they can leave me a note for my car! I’m just gonna flip the whole thing! Your terrible car hit my car!

JJ: One of your 34 cars…

TP: (Laughs) Yes, indeed. It’s getting difficult to have that many cars now. I’m starting to get rid of them.

JJ: What sitcom intro song do you know every word to?

TP: I used to know Full House, Family Matters, but I don’t know them as well anymore. Sitcoms just aren’t the same anymore.  

JJ: Worst childhood punishment?

TP: When I was 13 I stole my dad’s Cadillac at about 3 a.m. and he woke up and saw it missing and thought the insurance company had come and got it and someone had kidnapped me all at the same time. When he found out what happened he spanked me with a 2×4! That sucked.

JJ: Unfortunately you’ve found yourself in the Witness Protection Program, what’s your cover name?

TP: (Laughs) My cover name would be Dr. Winston Carrollton.

JJ: Think that’ll raise an eyebrow or two in that small rural town they’ll have you posted up in?

TP: (Laughs) No, because I’m not a medical doctor; I’m a professor.

JJ: What random fact can you just reel off to me right now?

TP: Men can get breast cancer. Most people don’t know that.

JJ: I saw that you did an auto-tune song with Larry King recently in an interview, is he the best auto-tune artist in the game after that?

TP: (Laughs) He was pretty good wasn’t he! He definitely went in; he’s definitely the OG of auto-tune! Got to be.

JJ: Talk or text?

TP: Text.

JJ: Best fortune cookie message you’ve ever gotten?

TP: It was something to the extent of “the love of your life is right next to you” and I happened to be out with my wife. That was pretty cool! Won me some browning points too!

JJ: Twitter or Instagram?

TP: Twitter, I can get through that quicker and there aren’t a bunch of people trying to motivate me with quotes they find on the internet and think are deep. That always makes me laugh. (Laughs)

JJ: We’ve got your greatest hits album out right now and Stoicville: The Phoenix coming next year talk about those projects and what fans can expect from you in the new year and beyond.

TP: I’m still pretty much recording Stoicville so I’m not sure what I want to do direction-wise; it’s not getting confusing or anything yet, but I’m in the stage where I’m figuring out where I want to go with it. I think it’ll make for a very diverse album! I feel like people are gonna like it man! As for the greatest hits album, it’s the greatest hits so far I feel like I’ve got a lot more!

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Chop-Up: T-Pain talks new album, offers advice for Jameis Winston, his 34 cars and more
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