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Few players, regardless of class, have seen their star rise as quickly as Dennis Smith Jr. After a strong summer on the AAU circuit last year he had an even more stellar sophomore season full of mind-boggling highlights and wins, which culminated with a state title. Now he’s got a “who’s who” of college basketball’s elite all intently pursuing him. Smith has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

I’m back for the second entry in my blog!

Last time I checked in I think we’d only played one tournament, but we’ve played two tournaments since then and we’re 12-3 right now. We lost two games in our last tournament, but we’re in pretty good shape.

Everything’s been going pretty well!

I’ve got two visits coming up; I’ll be headed to Duke on Saturday and I’ll go to North Carolina on June 3. I’m definitely looking forward to both of the visits; I’m hoping to get offers from both. I just want to get closer with the coaching staff, especially at North Carolina because I haven’t talked to them as much.

Louisville and Michigan have been picking up their interest too. I talked to Coach (Rick) Pitino the other day about the playoffs. He definitely knows a lot about the game.

Right now I’d say that it’s about even as far as which schools are recruiting me the hardest, but the schools I’m hearing from the most lately are North Carolina and Duke.

I know everyone knows that I grew up an N.C. State fan because that’s the school my grandmother rooted for, but I definitely didn’t hate Duke and North Carolina. I liked them both because they had great players and I just wanted to see a good game. I just rooted for State a little more when I was younger, but I haven’t been a fan of any school in the last few years. I just like to see good games with good players.

I talked to Coach (Roy) Williams today. He was telling me that they were going to be watching me really close all summer and he asked me which players I liked playing with in my class. It was cool.

I’m just happy to be in this position because this time last year I wasn’t talking to any coaches; now I talked to at least three every week.

I don’t know when I’ll make a decision because everything is still really early for me. I think that I’ll probably decide something sometime during my junior season next year. That’s what I’m thinking right now.

OK, I’ve gotta tell y’all about my big 221-point game… Haha!

I actually only had 21 points in that game, but the people tweeting out stats tweeted a typo and put an extra “2” in there. Everybody was going crazy over it so I was just having fun with it and let it ride.

It was funny because that actually became a trending topic on Twitter. That definitely taught me how powerful social media is and how fast people take things and run with it. Just like the other day somebody tweeted out that I was going to Montverde, and, immediately, I had about 15 text messages with people asking me about Montverde. It’s crazy!

I know everyone was talking about that buzzer beater that I had last weekend, and, to be honest, it was pretty much luck! Haha!

The play was drawn up for me too, but I didn’t have too much time so I honestly just threw it up and it went in. Sometimes it just works out that way.

Most people don’t know that I actually played football this last season. I played cornerback and I had two picks and 22 tackles, but I only had one pass completed on me the whole season and that was for like 2 yards so…

I actually got two football recruiting letters recently from N.C. State and Florida State. That shocked me a little bit, but I won’t be playing football next year and I won’t be playing football in college. I don’t like being outside!

It’s cool to get the letters and interest though.

OK people that’s it for my second blog entry; stay tuned for the third!

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