The Dennis Smith Jr. Blog: Shutting down rumors, hosting coaches and SAT prep

The Dennis Smith Jr. Blog: Shutting down rumors, hosting coaches and SAT prep

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The Dennis Smith Jr. Blog: Shutting down rumors, hosting coaches and SAT prep


Few players, regardless of class, have seen their star rise as quickly as Dennis Smith Jr. After winning a state title at Trinity Christian School (Fayetteville, N.C.) last season, Smith turned in a dominant summer on the AAU circuit, full of mind-boggling highlights and wins. Now, as the top point guard in the ESPN 60, Smith’s got a “who’s who” of college basketball’s elite all intently pursuing him. Smith has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.


What’s up world, it’s Dennis Smith back with my fourth blog entry and I’ve got a lot to tell y’all about what’s going on with me.

Since school started our team has been going hard in the weight room getting ready for the season; we’re mostly bench pressing and squatting right now, but everybody is putting in the work to get better.

We’ve had a couple of college coaches come through so far and we’ve got college day on the 29th so I’m really looking forward to that.

It’s when a bunch of college coaches will come out to watch us scrimmage; so everybody’s excited about that one.

Y’all know we won the state title last year and one of the hardest things to do is to repeat so we’re just trying to do all that we can to be ready for everyone coming at us.

We lost a lot of key pieces from last year’s team, but we’ve got a lot of talent at the same time.

We’ve got DeShaun Leftwich and he’s really good; really athletic and he’s gonna help us out a lot. Andre is the shooter, Michael is the smart player that makes big plays and we’ve got a 6-10 guy named Noah that’s gonna be real big. Y’all already know about Zo; so, like I said, we’ve got a lot of talent and I think, as long as we play hard and play together, we can win it all again.

The funniest part about recruitment is when you get people that start rumors or that read rumors that people post on Twitter or on boards or something like that and they start to really believe it.

So far I’ve heard that I’m definitely going to N.C. State then I heard that I’m definitely going to Duke.

Neither one of those is true because I don’t know AT ALL where I’m going right now.

I can honestly say that all the schools are on the same level right now.

Another one I heard is that Duke wasn’t recruiting me anymore, but I can 100 percent tell you that’s not true. Matter of fact, Duke is probably on me the hardest; I’d say it’s between them and N.C. State for who’s coming the hardest. Florida is really coming hard too though.

So hopefully that clears up those rumors.

Put it like this: Unless I say it you can just say it’s not true because this stuff is crazy!

N.C. State and Duke just visited me at my school on Monday.

My first visit was early in the morning, and that was with N.C. State. It went well, and much credit to them for inviting my grandma to the conference. They’re pitch to me basically was that they wanted guys who wanted to beat Duke and UNC.

Then Duke came in to visit me later. They told me I’m there only priority at the point guard position. That’ felt good. They’re willing to take the package with Harry (Giles), Jayson (Tatum) and myself.

It’s a great feeling to have coaches come to such a small school just for you, but still you have to remain humble about the whole process.

I’m not sure which school I’m gonna go to yet, but I definitely plan to go to someone’s Midnight Madness next month. I’ll let you guys know when I decide.

Everybody always asks me when I think I’ll be ready to make a decision on college; what I’m thinking right now is that I’ll probably make my decision before the start of my senior year.

Besides that the biggest decision is gonna be figuring out if I’m gonna play football or basketball!


It’s crazy because I’m still getting football letters and I’m not even playing this year! N.C. State, Ohio State, Florida State, Wake Forest, Virginia and Appalachian State are interested.

I’ve still got a couple highlights out there from last year so maybe that’s why.

I had three picks last year, but they stopped throwing to my side! I feel like I’m the high school Deion Sanders out there!

I love football; it’s so fun! But I’m not gonna play in college.

It IS cool to have the football interest though.

As far as school; everything is cool so far.

Last year I had a 3.6 GPA and this year my goal is to be higher than that. I definitely want that 4.0, but anything higher would be good for me.

Favorite subject is probably my SAT Prep course; I’m learning a lot in there.

Of course I heard about my man Malik Newman talking about his bars on the mic and all that, but he can’t call himself the King until he hollas at me!

We’re gonna see who’s better; he’s gotta go first though.

These days I’ve been listening to a lot of Lil Herb and, of course, I always listen to J. Cole, that’s my man. He’s from The ‘Ville!

Aight y’all that’s blog entry No. 4 in the books so we’re all caught up now!

Be on the lookout for No. 5.

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