This is the hurdling touchdown of the year

This is the hurdling touchdown of the year


This is the hurdling touchdown of the year


In recent years touchdown runs that include a hurdle over a defender have practically became a full fledge genre of their own. Of the 2014 vintage, none have been as impressive as one produced by a Virginia 18-year-old.

As uploaded to YouTube by the Dinwiddie High football program, Dinwiddie’s freshman star K’Vaughan Pope scored on the catch and run you see above, complete with an explosive hurdle over a Prince George defender who was moving in to tackle Pope.

That move to make a tackle is precisely why Pope’s touchdown run stood up as legal. Of course, that’s not to say that Pope wouldn’t have completed the hurdle if the defender had been standing completely upright; he probably would have, it just would have brought a penalty with it.

As it was, Pope’s touchdown was part of a 37-0 rout of Prince George. Here’s how the Richmond Times-Dispatch described Pope’s contribution to the victory:

“K’vaughan Pope caught five passes for 123 yards and a touchdown.”

If only the editors knew how impressive that touchdown had been …


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