Top senior PG Isaiah Briscoe talks UConn and Kentucky visits, getting healthy and more

Top senior PG Isaiah Briscoe talks UConn and Kentucky visits, getting healthy and more

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Top senior PG Isaiah Briscoe talks UConn and Kentucky visits, getting healthy and more


After leading Roselle Catholic (Roselle, N.J.) to a state title last season, Lions’ point guard Isaiah Briscoe, the No. 1 point guard in the ESPN 100, led Playaz Basketball Club (N.J.) to the Nike Peach Jam title, the most prestigious AAU title of the summer. That kind of production has everyone from Connecticut to Kentucky to Missouri to Louisville to St. John’s, among many others, all putting on the full-court recruiting press. Briscoe’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.


What’s up world!

It’s your boy Boog and I want to start off by letting everybody know that I’m out of my walking boot now!

I. Am. Not. Hurt.

I went to the Dr. and he said I didn’t need surgery on my right foot. Basically he said it was a situation where my bone healed awkward after my old injury and he wanted me to rest it for a while.

I’ll be back to working out in a week and I can’t wait!

Man! It’s been hard sitting out!

Honestly, I don’t even like being at open gym because I can’t play; so I’m ready to get back out there and get to work. I’d say I’m at about 60 percent right now, but that’s mainly conditioning because I’ve been sitting out. I’ll be at 110 percent by the time we start our season.

I definitely think that we have the talent to win it all again this year; TOC included.

I know the USA Today rankings are coming out soon and I feel like we’re a top 10 team, and I ain’t talking about just making the top 10 either; I’m think like No. 7 or No. 8.

If we’re not top 10 I’m feeling some kinda way. We’re that good!

OK most of y’all know that I got back from two official visits last week to UConn and Kentucky.

I went to UConn first and it was definitely a great visit.

We hung out with the players and Coach Ollie and went to the football game and I got to watch them practice.

I think they’re gonna be strong again this year; they’ll be and run-n-gun team and that’s always how Coach Ollie wants to play. He wants guards to get out and push the ball and get up the court so they don’t have to really run plays like that.

That’s, no question, the way that I want to play.

It’s big for me that Coach Ollie played in the league for 14 years. That’s kinda like a kid’s dream to have a coach with that kind of experience. Then everybody on the UConn staff played point guard at UConn. The way that they can teach me the position and get me ready for the next level would be great for me.

They were showing me how I’d fit into the offense and talking to me about how, with Boatright leaving, they’d need me to step right in. That’s attractive to me because I definitely want to go somewhere that I can make a big impact as a freshman.

The fans were cool too. They recognized me and showed me love so that was cool.

Overall, I thought it was definitely a 10 out of 10. I think, of the head coaches recruiting me, me and Coach Ollie are probably the closest. He’s real cool and real down to earth.

After I left UConn I went straight to Kentucky and it was just crazy there.

They actually had a women’s camp going on at the time; I’m talking 900 women from ages 35-50 and they all loved Kentucky basketball! I mean loved it; true, true fans.

The support there is just crazy to me; I mean all of these women were big time fans and they wanted all the players’ autographs and pictures and things like that. That was wild to me.

I got there on a Sunday and, of course, I heard all about how big the fans and the support there is and on a Sunday I could definitely see that it’s exactly what people say it is and more.

Walking out of a practice there are fans there asking for autographs, walking out of the dorms they’ve gotta have gates on the sides so people don’t come all the way up to you… It’s crazy!

Coach Cal told me that, when it’s all said and done, he wants me to have a Wildcat uniform on and he wants the ball in my hands so, of course, that was big for me.

I’d have to give Kentucky a 10 out of 10 too!

Next up I’m headed to Missouri this weekend so I’m looking forward to that. I’ll be there with my best friend Antonio Blakeney so that will definitely be fun. I got to St. John’s after that.

I don’t know when I’m actually gonna decide, but I think it’ll be soon.

School is going good too.

I love my History teacher Ms. Dalante and my English teacher Ms. Murin; they don’t cut me any slack but they break it down for me and give me extra help to make sure I’m getting it down.

I’m learning a lot!

Oh and I see all the other bloggers talking about their bars, but Malik (Newman) or none of them want to see me on the mic. I’m gonna put out a video for y’all soon. Look for that!

OK people I’m gonna get outta here, but I’ll get back at y’all with another blog soon.

I appreciate the love and I appreciate you taking the time to read.

Be easy.

Don’t forget to follow Isaiah Briscoe on Twitter: @_IsaiahBriscoe


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