USF professor's documentary on Largo coach heads to L.A.

USF professor's documentary on Largo coach heads to L.A.


USF professor's documentary on Largo coach heads to L.A.


Tampa, FL — This weekend, the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival will feature dozens of entries from across the country.

Including one documentary about a football coach in Pinellas County made by a USF communications professor who a lot of you will recognize from 10 News.

It’s the story of first-year Largo High football coach Marcus Paschal, a former star player at Largo High and the University of Iowa, and a former NFL player who’s come home … as told by Travis Bell.

“I think it’s such an interesting story because so many professional athletes could go anywhere they want to,” Bell told 10 News. “They come from a rough background and can go anywhere after they make the money that they do. Marcus’ goal was to come back and coach at his high school. That was his life goal, to make a difference not only at Largo high school, but in the Ridgecrest community he grew up in.”

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Bell is a communications professor at USF who remains active in the television business partially to let his students know, yes he knows what he’s talking about.

You might remember Bell from his 6 years at 10 News as a sports anchor, and a reporter who shot and edited all his own material, all of his own material that would fit into a minute 30 seconds of the 11 o’clock news.

“To have an open-ended amount of time to tell all aspects of a story, is what’s different for me,” said Bell. “To delve into so many topics, without having to be concerned about fitting into that narrow scope of a minute, 30 seconds.”

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And the documentary about Marcus Paschal led to this weekend’s All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival…

“It’s a good litmus test for to see if I can do this on the side, because documentaries are very intriguing to me. This is my first step, and I needed a good story to tell, and fortunately Marcus was willing to let me tell his story.”

Bell’s documentary will be featured on Saturday of the festival.

In addition to teaching at USF, Bell has begun work on his Ph.D in communications at the university.


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