Volleyball: Clackamas Cavaliers are a selfless and cohesive team

Volleyball: Clackamas Cavaliers are a selfless and cohesive team

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Volleyball: Clackamas Cavaliers are a selfless and cohesive team


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In Thursday’s match at home, the Cavaliers beat the Oregon City Pioneers 3-0, and showed consistency and class. Coach Darcy McMurray explains how her team portrays discipline and heart in every match and practice.

1.  What is special about your team this season? 

“This group of girls is the most disciplined and hard working team. They all get along with each other and come to practice everyday to work hard. They are honestly a pleasure to coach and are a great group of girls. We have a couple freshmen, a couple sophomores, and a few juniors and seniors so it is a young team but we have experience too.”

2. Does the youth of your varsity team give you hope for the future of the program as a whole?

“We have a lot of young, great players out on the court. Tonight you saw that I had almost all seniors on the bench, and I had a freshman running around out there as the setter. That gives me a lot of hope for the future.”

3. Do your seniors understand the importance of getting the younger girls into the match as much as possible?

“Volleyball is the ultimate team sport. So we talk about, from the very beginning, it being all about what is best for the team. It is never about what’s best for a single player. You can never win a volleyball match with just one star athlete because you do have to play the ball three times on each side every time. So this is a really selfless team and I really feel like that is one of their greatest qualities.”

4. What do you attribute this win to?

“I would say tough serving. We served them off the court. They were not able to have consistent ball control with our hard serves.”

5. How does your team maintain such great energy and communication on the court?

“We talk about energy, encouragement, and excitement all the time. We celebrate all the big things and the small things. Volleyball is a game of momentum and you have to have all those things, especially on your side of the court.”



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