What is Tennessee doing using Rolling Stone as a recruiting tool?

What is Tennessee doing using Rolling Stone as a recruiting tool?


What is Tennessee doing using Rolling Stone as a recruiting tool?


Let’s start with this: The sheer concept of using a Rolling Stone cover as a recruiting tool is ludicrous. It’s absolutely ludicrous, and in the case that it was used, the intended target seems to feel that way, too. Just check out Shy Tuttle’s emoticon reaction to the photoshopped Rolling Stone cover he received from Tennessee coaches portraying he and Beyonce.

This is so stupid. First off, as noted by our friends at The Big Lead, the concept of Beyonce breaking up with Jay-Z (not the most far-fetched concept) and hooking up with a teenager is ridiculous, regardless of how high profile and athletically gifted they are. But even if you follow that train of logic, or if you just think the cover refers to Beyonce flexing her influence as a fan, the idea of Beyonce pushing for Tuttle to go to Knoxville makes absolutely zero sense. Just consider:

  • Beyonce is from Houston, and was raised in the midst of the college football bedlam of the Big XII, not the SEC. If she cares about college football at all and tracks it back to her roots, she’s almost certainly a fan of the Texas Longhorns (the Vince Young era was not long after Destiny Child’s hey day) or the Texas A&M Aggies (slightly closer to Houston). If there’s a wildcard, it would be Baylor because of the Knowles’ family’s religious conviction, though our money would be on Texas.
  • The University of Tennessee doesn’t even share a time zone with Houston, let alone any more meaningful connection.
  • Anyone who’s seen a game at Neyland knows that there is no way Beyonce would watch a game there. Those stadium concourses and steps are way too narrow for a pair of Manolos.

Seriously, if Tennessee was trying to make a splash, they should have just stuck to Sports Illustrated or ESPN The Magazine. Or maybe the Sporting News.

After all, how many modern top football recruits do you think really read Rolling Stone on a regular basis? They’d have a better shot with a photoshop incorporating Nicki Minaj on the cover of XXL, The Source, or Vibe. Get with the program, Butch Jones!



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