112-point girls basketball blowout in Pennsylvania sparks more controversy

112-point girls basketball blowout in Pennsylvania sparks more controversy

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112-point girls basketball blowout in Pennsylvania sparks more controversy


Another week, another apocalyptic blowout in girls basketball. This time the site was Scranton, Penn., and the final score was 125-13 in favor of Holy Redeemer, a prep school in Wilkes-Barre Penn. with a strong girls basketball DNA. 

The victim of that blowout was MMI Prep a fellow Division 2 school in the area that featured just seven players on its varsity roster. The score was 74-5 at halftime, and even a second half comprised of only Holy Redeemer backups could do little to stem the blowout’s tide. Holy Redeemer star Alexis Lewis, a Division I recruit of Iona, scored 38 points in the game … and she only played in the first half.

No, this game wasn’t the 161-2 throttling that Arroyo Valley put on fellow Southern California squad Bloomington less than two weeks ago. But it was still a blowout of epic proportions, and one which rightfully stokes another look at sportsmanship and when teams cross the line.

For their part, the Lady Royals players were upfront and apologetic about the final score on social media and in public following the final whistle, though they also backed up their coach, who insisted that there was little he could do to hold back his team’s offensive firepower. To that end, Holy Redeemer’s points totals by quarter dwindled from the first period until the end of game, from 42 t0 32, then 29 and 22 in the second half.

Here’s what Holy Redeemer head coach Chris Parker told WYLN, a local television station serving Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton about the game’s final score:

“I don’t feel I owe an apology for my girls playing the game. By no means am I trying to embarrass anyone. My girls practice hard everyday and deserve to play and not sit half of the game. We are competing for a district title and possibly a run in state tourney! I have a responsibility to my kids to prepare them the best way can.”

The question, of course, is one of who is actually served by such a decisive blowout. Parker had to pull his starters after the first half just to maintain some level of sportsmanship. Apparently his efforts to hold back actually made an impression on MMI head coach Patty Medvecky, who instead chose to focus on her own team and its refusal to stop competing in the face of such a decisive blowout.

“I say, to their credit, they’re here every day. They chose to be here. They have shirts that say ‘Seven Strong,’” Medvecky told ABC affiliate WNEP. “We knew from the beginning of our season that we were going to have seven players and they chose to be part of that team and support the school and represent their school. I think that they’re doing a very good job representing our school and I’m proud of them.”

As it turns out, we’ll get a chance to see if either side would do anything differently in the matter of just a few weeks; the two teams are scheduled to play again in Wyoming Conference competition in February.


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