68-year-old Bob Hurley Sr. is still sweeping the high school gym during JV games

When you win more than 1,100 games, you develop a number of superstitions. In that way, Bob Hurley Sr. is no exception. The legendary 68-year-old head coach of St. Anthony School in New Jersey is a stickler for details and routines, and he continues to insist on what has worked so well for him.

Chief on the list? He sweeps the gym floor before every practice and at halftime of each and every junior varsity boys basketball game.

Yes, he’s still at the sweeping, as evidenced by the photo you see above, which was tweeted out by St. Anthony itself.

Why does the elder Bobby Hurley sweep? The veteran coach with 27 New Jersey state titles to his name says the routine is all about pride in self. Here’s what he told the Hoop Thoughts blog about sweeping the St. Anthony gym back in 2009:

“This shouldn’t be the custodian’s job. The coach should take pride in doing this.”

It’s clear that Hurley still takes pride in keeping his facility pristine. Then again, what would you expect from a man who has earned 1,125 victories, and would happily trade games away for the right to practice more every day.

“I love practice,” Hurley told Hoop Thoughts. “If it were up to me, we’d not play any games, we’d just practice.”

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