A guide to staying fit for spring sports

A guide to staying fit for spring sports


A guide to staying fit for spring sports


Spring sports include baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, fastpitch, lacrosse, tennis, boys and girls golf.

As someone who played tennis in the fall and tried out for soccer in the spring, I realize how easy it is to fall out of an active routine which makes it much more difficult to play another sport in the future.

To play any sport, you need to be physically able, which includes being fit or in shape.
The winter months put an added challenge to the already tough idea of working out but if you stay motivated, there’s a few ways you can participate in your spring sport.

(1) Play other sports that interest you.
If you played a fall sport like I did, then continue playing that sport. This is personally my favorite way to stay in shape because not only does it prepare you for the next sport, but it also makes you better at the fall sport for the next year. This one is also great because it’s fun; if you enjoy playing your sport then keep doing it!

(2) Do a little bit every day.
Spending 15-30 minutes a day running cardio adds up fast if you do it every day for months. Some ways to get into this could be running while watching your favorite TV show or setting a timer so you have a physical number that is your goal. You could even progressively add to your regime, run 15 minutes, then 20, then 25, etc. until you are at the peak of your ability.

(3) Do repetitive activities while working
Watching a movie? Stand up and hula hoop while you do it; that’s two hours of working right there. Jumping rope is another alternative to hula hooping. While these may seem silly or easy at first, after a while it can start to get tough. This is why doing another activity can take

It's easy to move from fall to spring sports. Photo courtesy Alex Collie.

For this athlete, it is easy to move from fall (tennis) to spring (soccer) sports. Photo courtesy of Alex Collie.

your focus off of it and making it easier to stay healthy.

If you do one, two, or all three of these things you can be what you want to be, it’s not easy to do; you have to work at it. But if you keep on track and do these things then you are on the right path to being fit enough to make that team.


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A guide to staying fit for spring sports
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