Area sports highlights for Jan. 29

Area sports highlights for Jan. 29


Area sports highlights for Jan. 29





West Salem 119, McNary 45: The Titans cruised by the Celtics as Andrew Kauffman and Ryan Wetzel won two races apiece.

At Kroc Center

200 medley relay— West Salem 1:55.74; 200 free— Ryan Wetzel (WS) 1:52.42; 200 IM— Tanner Hughes (McN) 2:27.17; 50 free— Andrew Kauffman (WS) 0:23.37; 100 fly— Jeffrey Tran (WS) 0:59.79; 100 free— Andrew Kauffman (WS)0:51.81; 500 free— Scott Svadlenak (WS) 5:29.47; 200 free relay— West Salem 1:38.31; 100 back— Micah Masei (WS) 1:00.63; 100 breast— Ryan Wetzel (WS) 1:05.40; 400 free relay— West Salem 3:58.29.



West Salem 91, McNary 78: Mackenzie Rumrill’s wins in the 200-yard freestyle and 200 individual medley paved the way for the Titans victory. Marissa Kuch and Sara Eckert both had two wins each for the Celtics.

At Kroc Center

200 medley relay— McNary 2:05.72; 200 free— Mackenzie Rumrill (WS) 2:02.97; 200 IM— Mackenzie Rumrill (WS) 2:17.03; 50 free— Marissa Kuch (McN) 0:25.56; 100 fly— Sara Eckert (McN) 1:08.68; 100 free— Marissa Kuch (McN) 0:56.00; 500 free— Sara Eckert (McN) 5:54.36; 200 free relay— West Salem 1:48.11; 100 back— Miranda Davis (WS) 1:10.31; 100 breast— Hannah Bodkin (WS) 1:14.51; 400 free relay— West Salem 4:20.38.



Sprague 71, West Salem 6: The Olympians cruise to a victory over the Titans on Thursday night.

At West Salem

106— Evan Spragg (SPR) over (WS) (forfeit): 113— Jordan Short (SPR) over (WS) (forfeit); 120— Trenton Martinez (SPR) over Luke Liedkie (WS) (Fall 1:07); 126— Wesley Soderstrom (SPR) over Kaleb Fegles-Jones (WS) (Fall 0:00); 132— Michael Murphy (SPR) over Mason Meredith (WS) (Fall 0:36); 138— Logan Holmquist (SPR) over Jeb Powell (WS) (TF 15-0 3:36); 145— Nathan Rediger (SPR) over (WS) (forfeit); 152— Jake Vaughn (SPR) over Clint Jacobson (WS) (Fall 1:24); 160— Hunter Lucas (WS) over Seth Rediger (SPR) (Dec 9-7); 170— Sergei Poliakov (SPR) over Michael Shurtleff (WS) (Fall 2:00); 182— Corson Davis (SPR) over Owen Barrett (WS) (Fall 1:28); 195— Justin Vazquez-Ellis (SPR) over Brenton Reddy (WS) (Fall 0:00); 220— Tanner Sorensen (SPR) over (WS) (forfeit); 285— Lisala Manu (WS) over Jacob Nelson (SPR) (Dec 6-2).

West Albany 42, McNary 31: The Celtics fall at home to the Bulldogs in a close battle.

At McNary

106— Wyatt French (WA) over Pablo Barrera (McN) (Fall 0:00); 113— Connor Schaffner (WA) over Joey Kibbey (McN) (Dec 10-8); 120— Brayden Ebbs (McN) over Alejandro Alvarez (WS) (Fall 1:59); 126— Sawyer Myres (WA) over Sean Burrows (McN) (Fall 2:20); 132— Jonathon Phelps (McN) over Abrin Richmond (WA) (MD 12-3); 138— Michael Phelps (McN) over Kylan Moe (WA) (Dec 7-5); 145— Mitchell Sorte (WA) over Wyatt Kesler (McN) (Fall 0:49); 152— Ivan Alvarez (WS) over Blak Gerstner (McN) (Dec 9-8); 160— James Brunson (WS) over Jesse Gomez (McN) (Fall 4:25); 170— Gage Mance (McN) over (WA) (forfeit); 182— Brice Hogan (WA) over Taran Purkey (McN) (Fall 0:04); 195— Alvarro Venegas (McN) over (WA) (forfeit); 220— Kyle Bonn (McN) over James Lunski (WA) (Fall 0:33); 285— Justin Moller (WA) over William Smith (McN) (Fall 3:09).


Dallas 61.00, South Albany 12.00: The Dragons won the first ten matches of the dual to cruise to an easy victory over the Rebels on Wednesday night.

At South Albany

106— Ryan Bibler (DAL) over Matt Roeser (SAL) (Fall 0:40) ; 113— Noah Sickles (DAL) over Anthony Pulido (SAL) (Fall 1:25) ; 120— Nolan Miller (DAL) over Tyler Montgomery (SAL) (TF 16-1 0:00) ; 126— Jordan Williams (DAL) over Isaac Ogden (SAL) (Fall 5:25) ; 132— Sammy Chung (DAL) over Jordan Villarreal (SAL) (Fall 1:57) ; 138— Mathew Hofenbredl (DAL) over (SAL) (forfeit) ; 145— Tanner Earhart (DAL) over Brandon Whaley (SAL) (Dec. 4-1) ; 152— Trever Earhart (DAL) over Brian Wiseman (SAL) (Dec. 4-0) ; 160— Jeff Dunagan (DAL) over LaRon Watson (SAL) (Fall 3:20) ; 170— Tyson Janssen (DAL) over Nick Smith (SAL) (TF 19-3 0:00) ; 182— Anthony Sutherlin (SAL) over Joshua Naughton (DAL) (Fall 1:09) ; 195— Mathew Thorsted (DAL) over Austin Wimer (SAL) (Fall 1:24) ; 220— Kyle Snyder (DAL) over Justin Montgomery (SAL) (Dec 4-3) ; 285— Dexter Rimer (SAL) over Zeb Kiggins (DAL) (Fall 1:06).



Oregon State: Sean Mannion was selected to be one of the participants in the 17th annual Quicken Loans All-Star Football Challenge. The event was held in Arlington, Texas on Monday and will air on Friday, January 30 at 6 p.m. on ESPN2. It will air again on Sunday, February 8 at Noon on ESPN and on Sunday, April 26 at 1 p.m. on ESPN.

This season, Mannion became the Pac-12 career record holder in passing yards with 13,600 and now owns virtually every passing record at Oregon State. He was twice named Pac-12 Conference Honorable Mention and threw 83 touchdowns in his career, ranking seventh in Pac-12 history.

– Statesman Journal


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