Arkansas fans boo, hog call Kentucky-bound Malik Monk

Arkansas fans boo, hog call Kentucky-bound Malik Monk


Arkansas fans boo, hog call Kentucky-bound Malik Monk


In his first game since announcing his intention to play for the University of Kentucky next season, Bentonville (Ark.) senior shooting guard Malik Monk was treated to a series of boos and hog calls from whom we imagine were University of Arkansas fans at Conway (Ark.) High.

The nation’s top two-guard prospect and an American Family Insurance ALL-USA preseason pick, Monk answered with 34 points in an 86-71 victory against the Wampus Cats from Canton on Thursday night. A Wampus Cat, at least according to folklore, is a woman who dressed up as a cougar to spy on some dudes sitting around a campfire, and then a medicine man turned her into a half-woman, half-cat, which should serve as a warning for all those cougars heading out on the town this Friday night.

What were we talking about? Oh, right, the Wildcats. Monk received plenty of unwelcome feedback on social media and sports radio after his decision to play for John Calipari, but let’s be honest: Kentucky offers the best chance for Monk to win a national championship and develop into a first-round draft pick. While many Razorbacks fans seem to be taking the low road, Monk did the opposite on Twitter.

As’s Eric Bossi told USA TODAY High School Sports on Thursday, playing in front of hostile crowds — and potentially winning a state championship with his Super 25 squad in the process — might actually help Monk in the long run. “The state of Arkansas was not very excited about finding out the news that he’s leaving,” explained Bossi. “During his senior year, he’s going to have to deal with people who are upset with him leaving. It’s a chance to build some toughness before he gets to Kentucky. There are lots of things he will hear (from the stands) as a senior that will help him.”

So, boo him all you want, Arkansawyers, but just expect a whole lot more of this in return from Monk:

Best not to mess with Malik Monk, The God of Dunk, because he will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy his brothers. And you will know he is the Lord when he lays his vengeance upon you. Or something like that, you Wampus Cats.





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