Baseball a family affair for Grainger's Trey Cabbage

Baseball a family affair for Grainger's Trey Cabbage


Baseball a family affair for Grainger's Trey Cabbage


A sweet left-handed swing.

Quick first step.

Solid arm.

That’s what MLB scouts like about Trey Cabbage. He’s 6-foot-3 with room to add muscle and strength, something scouts always like.

“I’ve just been blessed with talent and I’ve been blessed with the work ethic to further my skills and just be able to get where I am now,” said Cabbage.

Cabbage is ranked the number 72 draft prospect by The draft starts Monday night with the first 75 picks and continues Tuesday and Wednesday.

He’s a natural athlete, and also played basketball for Grainger. He broke the rim one night this winter in a game, throwing down a put back dunk so powerful that the rim bent more than foot down from it’s usual location and had to be replaced.

When he’s not playing basketball, ushering at church or volunteering with the Beta Club, Cabbage is at the field, working to get better.

“We’re up here four, five days a week, and the days that we’re not up here I’m lifting weights and sometimes I’ll go two-a-days, I’ll lift and I’ll come up here and workout and hit and everything,” said Cabbage.

On weekends, both of his parents are with him at the Grainger High baseball field. Mom hits and dad plays first and throws batting practice.

Most of the time it’s just Trey and his dad.

“I wouldn’t have anybody else out here with me,” said Trey.

“He’ll thank me for throwing to him or hitting to him and I’ll say, when I get up in the morning this is what I look forward to, I know we get to workout together and spend time together, just us,” said Wayne Cabbage, Trey’s father.

“He was the guy that introduced me to the game, he’s always been here, been the biggest fan,” said Trey.

A shortstop at Grainger, Cabbage will play third base at the next level. Either at Tennessee for Dave Serrano or in pro baseball.

He’s already worked out for over a dozen MLB teams, traveling to Turner Field, Kaufman Stadium and last week to Wrigley in Chicago.

“It was amazing, the history of it was you just kind of looked around and it was amazing cause, my hometown could fit on the lower level of Wrigley, of any of the stadiums I’ve been to,” said Cabbage.

“Coming from here, it’s a big deal. It’s pretty exciting.”

The quiet kid from small town Blaine, Tennessee is set to become just the third Grainger County native selected in the MLB Draft.

“My life could change big time.”


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