Best Christmas Movies

Best Christmas Movies


Best Christmas Movies


It’s the holiday season once again, and once again people are arguing about what they think the best Christmas movie is. made a list of the top ten Christmas movies of all time, and they put action movie Die Hard as their number one pick. Many people were outraged with this claiming that Die Hard was not a Christmas movie. According to, it is.

Junior Jack Smith told reporters “Polar Express is the best Christmas movie, hands down.” Junior Ahmed Alomari agrees with Smith also telling reporters “Polar Express is a great movie in general.”

Junior Ben Cristafano told reporters “I think the Polar Express is overrated. Elf is the best Christmas movie ever.” My father John Kraus agreed with Ben after telling reporters “Elf is very funny and a very good Christmas movie.” Sophomore Nate Wood also agreed with the two by saying ” Elf is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.” I also agree with these three on Elf being the best Christmas movie.

Junior Quinn Boyle told reporters “My favorite Christmas movie is Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger; I laugh every time.” Junior Jake Miranda agreed with Boyle stating “Jingle All The Way is a classic and it’s extremely underrated.”

Junior Noah Zihmer told reporters “My favorite Christmas movie is Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton.”

Senior Mike Resignalo told reporters “The best Christmas movie is Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights; it’s to funny.”

Besides Elf and The Polar Express, there seems to be no dominant Christmas movie that everyone can agree on. Will we ever be able to agree on one movie?


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