Boys Cross Country Roundup: Perkins wins SBC

Boys Cross Country Roundup: Perkins wins SBC


Boys Cross Country Roundup: Perkins wins SBC


Sandusky Bay Conference

Sandusky Perkins boys won the title Saturday at the Sandusky Bay Conference championship meet at Firelands College. Perkins (21 points) was followed by Huron (78), Oak Harbor (100), Port Clinton (105), Edison (107), Clyde (107), Margaretta (147) and Vermilion (232).

Leading Perkins were Owen Krewson (1st, 15:47.98), Brenton Green (second, 16:11.70), Nick Corso (fifth, 16:47.21), Parker Brown (sixth, 16:54.69) and Joel Duffield (seventh, 16:58.10).

Shane Thatcher (third, 16:28.30), led Huron, followed by Nathan Pack (ninth, 17:19.92), Casey Vancauwenbergh (12th, 17:29.38), Ronald Brandal (19th, 17:57.14) and Jonathan Zechman (35th, 19:14.18).

Oak Harbor was led by Konnor Fletcher (11th, 17:26.59), Austin Tallman (14th, 17:32.26), Zach Olson (21st, 18:19.83), Mark Bodi (24th, 18:26.77) and Marcus Hartlage (30th, 18:39.77).

Michael Leone (10th, 17:20.81) led Port Clinton, followed by Tristan Auxter (15th, 17:32.60), Collin Rider (16th, 17:40.54), Sam Kuenzer (26th, 18:32.10) and Amos Honeycutt (38th, 19:20.56).

Edison was led by Nick Hrivnak (13th, 17:30.02), Jonathan Hrivnak (17th, 17:52.07), Brandon Tice (23rd, 18:26.36), Gavin Schaeffer (25th, 18:30.61) and Jackson DeVault (20th, 18:39.38).

Gale Austin (fourth, 16:30.91) led Clyde, followed by Austin Culbertson (18th, 17:53.73), Matthew Sepeda (20th, 18:15.29), Parker Wilson (28th, 18:39.03) and Brenden Dean (37th, 19:19.12).

Josh Stanley (eighth, 17:00.30) led Margaretta, followed by Bailey Kimberlin (27th, 18:36.11), Isaiah Ingraham (34th, 19:08.81), Ben Rudolph (36th, 19:15.70) and Noah Esposito (42nd, 19:43.86).

Sandusky River League

Old Fort (30 points) won the Sandusky River League meet Saturday at Walsh Park, Fremont. St. Joseph (74) was fourth and Lakota (127) fifth.

Leading Old Fort were Cole Manasian (second, 17:28.55), Devyn Smith (third, 17:48.48), Jacob Clark (sixth, 18:01.96), Mike Heilman (eighth, 18:04.46) and Robert Anstead (11th, 18:24.43).

Tyler Nason was fifth for St. Joseph (17:51.42), followed by Nate Vasquez (seventh, 18:03.06), Mike Kuss (14th, 18:34.63), Christian Smith (22nd, 19:05.09) and Austin Michael (27th, 19:29.74).

Lakota was led by Matthew Steiner (15th, 18:36.28), Isaac Baker (23rd, 19:05.82), Bryce Anderson (30th, 20:04.32), Brant Shank (31st, 20:06.30) and David Mason (37th, 20:36.25).

Northern Buckeye Conference Championships

Woodmore was led by fifth place finisher Nick Emerine in 17:08 Saturday at the Northern Buckeye Conference Championships at Eells Park. Emerine’s teammates Joey Emerine (14th, 17:44), Grant Matwiejczyk (19th, 18:07), Bryson Wargo (40th, 19:44) and Alexander Cutcher (49th, 20:21) helped the team to third place finish with 103 points.

Northern Ohio League Championships

Bellevue was led by eight place finisher Landon Woodard in 17:16 Saturday at the Northern Ohio League Championships. Woodard’s teammates Clarke Berkey (9th, 17:18), Will Schalk (12th, 17:29), Zach Cleveland (27th, 18:19) and Gavin Branum (39th, 18:58) helped the team to a fourth place finish with 89 points.

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