Captain Kirby

Captain Kirby


Captain Kirby

Boys Soccer senior midfielder Lucas Kirby has changed the Crossroads soccer program forever


Boys Soccer senior midfielder Lucas Kirby has changed the Crossroads soccer program forever


Lucas Kirby goes up for a header in his final Extravaganza. The Roadrunners would go on to win 2-0.

With a combined 22 players in play from each team at a time on a spread-out field, it usually takes a while for the most impactful player in a soccer game to really stand out.

Senior midfielder Lucas Kirby, however, has made making that distinction obvious for any onlooker who has happened upon a Crossroads Boys Varsity Soccer game this season.

“I knew I was going to have a lot of responsibility this year,” Kirby said, “And would need to carry the team on certain occasions…My goals for this year were just to do everything I could to carry us through league and finish as champions, and then to focus on bringing home further titles in playoffs. I didn’t expect it to result in a start to the season as successful as this, but I’m thrilled that we have been playing good soccer.”

With 14 goals in ten contests (including eleven goals in six league games), Kirby holds a share of the top spot in goals for the Gold Coast League.

That effect hasn’t just boosted the confidence of the team—it’s led directly to wins. Boasting a 7-1-3 record overall, including an unbeaten 5-0-2 in league, the Boys Soccer team is off to its best start in years. They lead the competitive Gold Coast League by a full game and a half even after a surprising tie against Christa McAuliffe on Friday. The high school rankings website lists the Roadrunners as the 67th best Boys Soccer team in the state.

And while he alone may not be the sole contributor to the early success of this year’s Boys Soccer team, one fact is undeniable: Lucas Kirby is a game-changer.


Just ask the opponents who have tried to stop him.

“[Kirby] is one of, if not the most, dangerous players in the league,” Windward junior midfielder Connor Mick, who plays against Kirby at least twice a year in league contests, said. “The most difficult thing about facing him is that he can score from range and also distribute very well. You cannot allow him any space to work with. The best way to defend him is to keep him from getting the ball at all costs because once he’s on it he’s a lot to handle.”

The extra attention from opponents, said junior midfielder Cooper Olds, means playing alongside Kirby provides teammates with less pressure on the pitch.

“He brings the threat of scoring a goal out of nowhere,” Olds said. “So we can be outplayed but still win 1-0 as long as our defense holds the clean sheet. He’s like a security blanket.”

Kirby, though, refuses to get caught up in the moment. He’s constantly referencing the future—not his own (Kirby has already been offered a spot on the Yale soccer team and plans to attend)—but that of the Crossroads Soccer program.

“I hope that the legacy and the name of our family that formed when I was a sophomore will live on past this season,” Kirby said. “As one of the few remaining players that was a part of that original Brotherhood, I am extremely proud to have been a part of the Boys Varsity Soccer family, and I will continue to be involved in the program in future years.”

A program, it seems, that will have been forever impacted by his own presence.


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