Chop-Up: The Game talks The Documentary 2, his hoops skills and lots more

Chop-Up: The Game talks The Documentary 2, his hoops skills and lots more

Celeb Chop-Up

Chop-Up: The Game talks The Documentary 2, his hoops skills and lots more


The Game says he's No. 1 when it comes to rappers that hoop.

The Game says he’s No. 1 when it comes to rappers that hoop.

Whether or not The Game is the hottest rapper in the hip hop industry is debatable, that much the Compton born emcee will concede is a matter of opinion; what he knows to be fact is that when it comes to rappers that hoop, “no one” is on his level.

“None of them,” The Game said.

Don’t get him wrong, before his bold proclamation of hoops supremacy, The Game gave props to fellow rap hoopers like J. Cole, Cam’ron, 2 Chainz, Silkk the Shocker, Young Buck and even Chris Brown.

Wait, who?

“Hey, he raps sometimes,” The Game said. “He can definitely hoop though.”

Still, all props aside, The Game is downright resolute in his stance.

To drive home his point, he offered a little perspective.

“Man, if I didn’t have a problem with authority and listening to people,” The Game said. “I’d probably be in the NBA.”

I caught up with The Game to chop-it-up about everything from his new album The Documentary 2 to why his beloved Lakers would definitely be making the playoffs this season to why it’s time to stop using the word “swag.”

Jason Jordan: I always like to gauge the sports backgrounds and experiences of all of my guests on the Celeb Chop-Up; Now I know you were a star in your own right at Compton High School back in the day.

The Game: Yeah man I was pretty cold. If I didn’t have a problem with authority and listening to people I’d probably be in the NBA. I was nice man!

JJ: I will say that I’ve had a few guests on that have told me you’re legit good on the court. Describe what kind of game you have.

TG: I’m probably like a J.R. Rider type guy; lil handle, major bounce, ya know, thuggin’ it out there.

JJ: Well let’s say I’m an NBA team and I gave you a shot; what kind of production could you give me with 24 minutes a game?

TG: (Laughs) Since you put it like that I’ve gotta say I’m retiring because I need more than 24 minutes! I can’t get down as a role player; I’ve gotta be the man or I’m out.

JJ: You’re a Lakers fan, right?

TG: (Laughs) What is that a trick question or something? Of course, that’s the only team to be a fan of!

JJ: Are the Lakers gonna make the playoffs?

TG: Oh definitely, the Lakers are gonna make the playoffs I’ve always got faith in that. We’ve got Kobe back so we’re gonna get it done.

JJ: Who would win a 1-on-1 hoops tournament involving only rappers?

TG: (Laughs) OK, let’s see we’ve got Cam’ron, Silkk the Shocker, 2 Chainz, Freddie Gibbs, Problem, J. Cole, Chris Brown… Hey he raps sometimes. He can definitely hoop though. Young Buck can hoop too. But, of course, I’m gonna win that tournament. Come on now! I’m better than everybody!

JJ: There it is. Let’s take this thing random in 3, 2, 1… What’s your biggest pet peeve?

TG: Add-on pieces that women wear. Weaves, nails, stuff like that.

JJ: What do yellow traffic lights mean to you?

TG: That means hurry up and go through it.

JJ: What competition based reality show would you absolutely win?

TG: What’s the Naked show? That one where you’ve got survive naked. I’d win that.

JJ: Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?

TG: (Laughs) Man I don’t wanna read nobody’s mind. I’m just gonna make people invisible!

JJ: There’s another option! What was your worst pre-fame job?

TG: I didn’t really have a job. I was just hustlin’.

JJ: In the epic game of Paper, Rock, Scissors which object do you tend to get the most wins with?

TG: Definitely the paper bro.

JJ: What fast food restaurant has the best fries?

TG: McDonald’s. Come on now!

JJ: How would you use a rewind button in life?

TG: I wouldn’t even push it. I feel like everything I’ve been through has made me who I am.

JJ: You’re familiar with the show The Walking Dead I’m sure; I’m curious, how long would The Game survive in that type of scenario?

TG: Yeah I haven’t watched it, but I know about it. I think I’d probably want to be a zombie though! I’d get bit on my first episode and rock out for the whole season.

JJ: Hey if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Let’s hop into the DeLorean Time Machine (Back to the Future), which era would you love to drop in on for a while?

TG: I’d like to go back in the day and maybe hang out with Martin Luther King Jr. and those guys.

JJ: What’s the most overused slang word or phrase out right now?

TG: Probably “swag” man I’m kinda tired of that.

JJ: If you would 100 percent get away with it which crime would you commit?

TG: (Laughs) One-hundred percent? I’d probably rob the U.S. Treasury; get those gold bars.

The Game says the Lakers will make the playoffs.

The Game says the Lakers will make the playoffs.

JJ: What sitcom intro song do you know every word to?

TG: Definitely Family Matters! I can get that off any time!

JJ: What random fact can you just tell me right now?

TG: I recently learned that you can scrape the dead skin off of your foot best when you’re in the shower. I did that recently; reached down and scratched my foot and the skin came off then I went ham with the scrubber now my feet are super soft! That’s random, right?

JJ: Oh that’s extremely random. Who would you never want to meet in a dark alley?

TG: God! That would be wild man think about it! I’d be like, aye, God what are you doing right now? You good? Better yet, am I good? (Laughs)

JJ: Great follow-up question! OK we’ve got The Documentary 2 out now, which is doing extremely well so congratulations on that. Talk about the album and what fans who haven’t heard it yet can expect.

TG: Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate that love. The thing about this album is you can’t compare it to any other album I’ve done. Not the first Documentary either; that was a different time, I was in a different space and I was on a different team. This is a classic! Everyone like Dr. Dre, Sway, Big Boy, Jermani Dupri have all told me that it’s my best work! That’s big for me because those are the guys that really listen to hip hop and have credibility in hip hop. I’ve got everybody from Kendrick Lamar to Nas to YG to Will.I.Am to Busta Rhymes and more. It’s really dope.

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