Class D Preview

Class D Preview


Class D Preview




Randolph: Nelsen, Bosley, Stahley, and Senn will have the Cardinals rocking and rolling again this season.

Frewsburg: Coliver, Proctor, O’Brien, and Peterson will have the Bears in the title game in November.

Portville: Harris, Carlson, Milne, and Waugh will have the Panthers competing for league and sectional titles.

Cattaraugus/Little Valley: Bernardi, Hanft, Morton, and O’Donnell will have the Timberwolves playing physical and competing for a berth in the playoffs.

Franklinville/Ellicottville: Bays, Hurlburt, and Hutchinson will have the Titans competing for a playoff berth.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama: Eday, VanValkenburgh, Svetz, and Payne will keep the Panthers in contention for a playoff spot.

Westfield/Brockton: Quagliano, Watson, DeJohn, and Merle will have the Wolverwines improve this year.

1. Randolph
2. Portville
3. Frewsburg
4. Cattaraugus/Little Valley
5. Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley
6. Westfield/Brocton

Randolph Cardinals

The Cardinals are looking for pursue their 4th consecutive sectional and state championship. They return 4 on offense led by All-WNY candidate Devyn Nelsen who rushed for 1737 yards and 13 touchdowns last season. Brent Brown also returns Mason Bosely and Tyler Stahley who will anchor the line. Another key player will be Sam Jacobi. They open with Franklinville/Ellicottville/WV and host Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake in week 5. The key to their season will be the play of the QB. They are a favorite for another league and sectional title. Brent Brown has an amazing 25-1 record in 2 seasons as a head coach. They play at Frewsburg in week 2.

Head Coach: Brent Brown (25-1-0, 2 years)
Assistant Coaches: Nate Armella, Kevin Hind, Greg Sherlock, J.J. Peterson, Chad Slade, Gerald Carlson, Tim Brown, Lucas Burch
2014 Varsity Record: 12-1-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 4, Defense is 4.
Key Players: Devyn Nelsen, Mason Bosely, Tyler Stahley, Wesley Senn, Sam Jacobi, Jon Ling
Key Losses: Bryce Morrison, Michael Bowers, Jeff Andrewa

Portville Panthers

The Panthers won the Class DD title in 2014. 8 players graduated and several players return. They will compete for league and sectional titles. Sean Harris and Skylar Carlson will provide the offensive spark. Matt Milne and Matt Waugh will lead the defense and anchor the line. Gary Swetland has recorded 124 wins in 24 years at the helm. They open with Cattaraugus/LV and Westfield/Brocton.

Head Coach: Gary Swetland (134-65-1, 24 years)
Assistant Coaches: Matt Milne, David Waugh
2014 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 6, Defense is 7.
Key Players: Grant Milne, Sean Harris, Matt Waugh, Skylar Carlson, Gavin Colligan, Jaycee Freeborn, Mitchell Yehl, James Costanza
Key Losses: Isaac Hilyer, Chase Swetland

Frewsburgh Bears

The Bears lost in the sectional title game. Terry Gray returns 28 who were on the varsity roster last season. Offense to be sparked by Brady Coliver, a 3 year starter at QB, and Christian Proctor. The defense will be led by Josh Peterson and Cordell O’Brien. The line will be anchored by Cole Gregory. They should be in the playoffs and could return to Ralph Wilson Stadium for the sectional title contest. They open with Sherman/Clymer/Panama and have a tough matchup in week 2 against Randolph. Peterson is a tackling machine.

Head Coach: Terry Gray (60-49-0, 14 years)
Assistant Coaches: Brendan Canter, Randy Sitler, Adam Loftus, Rob Coliver
2014 Varsity Record: 4-6
Starters Returning: Offense is 9. Defense is 8.
Key Players: Cole Gregory, Cordell O’Brien, Josh Peterson, Christian Proctor, Brady Collver, Kole Brink, Jarod Sanflippo
Key Losses: Zach Haller

Cattaraugus/Little Valley Timberwolves

The Timberwolves return 14 players from last years 5-4 squad. Key players for Tim Miller will be RB Anthony Bernardi, Matt Hanft, Kyle Morton, and Kyle O’Donnell. They will miss Caleb Snow but will be competitive. They open with Portville and Frankilinville/Ellicottville/WV. Bernardi is a candidate for 1000 yards rushing. They will be in the playoffs. Bernardi rushed for 1007 yards in 2014 and will be a force again for Tim Miller.

Head Coach: Tim Miller (84-92-0, 14 years)
Assistant Coaches: Bryan Gunsolus, Ken Eright, Matt Minnekine, John Janora
2014 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 6, Defense is 6.
Key Players: Anthony Bernardi, Matt Hanft, Kyle Morton, Kyle O’Donnell, Matt Andrews
Key Losses: Caleb Snow, D.J. Stevens

Ellicottville/Franklinville/West Valley Titans

The Titans had an outstanding season in 2014 while achieving an 8-2 record. Offense is to be parked by Thomas Easton and Caleb Rinko while the defense will be anchored by William Bays, Jonas Hurlburt, and Preston Hutchinson. They will miss Phalla Musall but will be competitive. They have a tough opener with Randolph and will compete for a playoff berth. The JV squad was 8-0 last season and talent from that squad will help Chad Bartoszek’s team.

Head Coach: Chad Bartoszek (13-6-0, 2 years)
Assistant Coaches: Chris Mendell, Mark Blecha, Tim Bergan, Scott Palmatier, Harley Butler
2014 Varsity Record: 8-2-0
StartersReturning: Offense is 4, Defense is 4.
Key Players: Thomas Easton, William Bays, Pete Hutchinson, Caleb Rinko, Pete Hutzhinson, Jonas Hurlburt
Key Losses: Phalla Musall, Alex Delity, Chrles Furman, Calum Watt
2014 JV Record: 8-0-0

Clymer/Sherman/Panama Wolfpack

Panama joined Sherman and Clymer for 2015. They return several starters on both sides of the ball. Key players will be Justin Svetz, Josh Eddy, Sam VanValkenburg, Jack Payne, and Brandon Metzer. They have a tough opener with Frewsburg and should be competitive. Panama merged with Clymer and Cherman. Their new nickname is the Wolfpack.

Head Coach: Ty Harper (1-7-0, 1 year)
Assistant Coaches: Dave Bodamer, Chris Payne, Brad Barmore
2014 Varsity Record: 1-7-0
StartersReturning: Offense is 13, Defense is 12.
Key Players: Justin Svetz, Sam VanValkenburg, Josh Eddy, Jack Payne, Korey Ayers, Kolby Parks, Nathan Stowe, Brandon Metzer, Thomas Hoch, Tanner Newman, Jack Payne.
Key Losses: Greg Delahoy, David O’Dell, Ryan Applebee, Dylan Bergman
2014 JV Record: 4-4-0

Westfield/Brocton Wolverwines

The Wolverwines look to rebound after a winless season. They will miss Nolan Hunt. Key players include Joey Quagliano, Alec Chelton Jr., Kyle Cambria, and Jon Merle. The key to the season will be the play of the QB. They play Portville in week 2 and could struggle again this season.

Head Coach: Frank Quagliana (0-8-0)
Assistant Coaches: Dan Martin, Andy Lyon, Robert Fetterick, Mike Williams, Jake Hitchcock
2014 Varsity Record: 0-8-0
StartersReturning: Offense is 4, Defense is 5.
Key Players: Joey Quagliana, Alec Shelton, Kyle Cambria, Chris Catalano
Key Losses: Nolan Hunt, Derek Walter


QB – Brady Collver, Frewsburg
QB – Thomas Easton, Franklinville/Ellicottville
RB – Devyn Nelsen, Randolph
RB – Josh Peterson, Frewsburg
RB – Alec Chelton, Westfield/Brocton
RB – Anthony Bernardi, Cattaraugus/Little Valley
TE – Pete Hutchinson, Franklinville/Ellicottville
WR – Cordell O’Brien, Frewsburg
WR – Josh Eddy, CSP
OL – Nick Sterling, Sportville
OL – William Bays, Franklinville/Ellicottville
OL – Sam VanValkenburg, CSP
OL – Adam Oakes, Cattaraugus/Little Valley
K – Jack Payne, CSP
RS – Christian Proctor, Frewsburg

DL – Wesley Senn, Randolph
DL – Jonas Hurlburr, Franklinville/Ellicottville
DL – Matt Hanft, Cattaraugua/Little Valley
LB – Mason Bosley, Randolph
LB – Sam Jacobi, Randolph
LB – Preston Hutchinson, Franklinville/Ellicottville
LB – Joey Quagliana, Westfield/Brocton
LB – Josh Peterson, Frewsburg
LB – Grant Milne, Portville
DB – Justin Scetz, CSP
DB – Kyle O’Donnell, Cattaraugus/Little Valley
DB – Tyler Stahley, Randolph
DB – Caleb Rinko, Franklinville/Ellicottville
DB – Christian Proctor, Frewsburg
DB – Sean Harris, Portville
RS – Korey Ayers, CSP


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