Could Lafayette high schools share Cajun Field?

Could Lafayette high schools share Cajun Field?


Could Lafayette high schools share Cajun Field?


Cajun Field.

Cajun Field.

Lafayette High School is in need of a new school building and a new football stadium.

Typically borrowing a stadium from another school wouldn’t sound appealing. But what if that stadium was Cajun Field?

Lafayette High is just one of many schools in the parish in need of renovations.

Some have suggested having all the high schools share one central stadium that would cost about $65 million to build.

The Lafayette Parish School Board has proposed a cheaper option: sharing Cajun Field.

“Rather than spend tax dollars on stadiums, instead we would partner with UL-Lafayette and work out a mutual agreement where we would share Cajun Field,” LPSS Superintendent Don Aguillard told KLFY’s Carly Laing.

Renting out Cajun Field would only cost $1 million a year.

That would leave extra money for other much-needed improvements throughout parish schools.

“Rather than building a stadium, we would be replacing two elementary schools that really need replacing,” former school board CAO Sandra Billeaudeau explained.

The schools would practice at their individual facilities. Only games would be played at Cajun Field.

Superintendent Don Aguillard said it would benefit everyone, “This is an exciting time for Lafayette. It would signal strong cooperation between the school system and the university. It’s a win-win for the entire citizenry of Lafayette.”

The board will have to add an additional sales tax in order to fund the UL-Lafayette proposal.


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