CV Spring Musical

CV Spring Musical


CV Spring Musical



Chartiers Valley High School has been known for the musicals they produce for many years. Producing Beauty and the Beast last year was financially a challenge and it was such a big show for a high school level. For the school year of 2016, Chartiers Valley has announced that they will be performing Les Miserables. Les Miserables was created by Victor Hugo as a book in 1862, but it was later turned into a musical in 1985 by producer Cameron Mackintosh and Peter Farago. It has been a part of Broadway for a very long time. Now, the cast and crew of Chartiers Valley High School gets to put a twist on the show.


Devin Moore, a junior at Chartiers Valley says “I have wanted to play Jean Valjean, the lead character, for a long time and I was ecstatic to know that we would perform this show in my junior year.” Devin has had many lead roles over the course of being in Chartiers Valley, and now he has another to add to his list.  Another junior, Gina Wilamowski a musical extraordinaire is most excited for “Do you hear the People Sing because it shows that the revolutionaries are still up for a fight and as the song builds it turns into a mesmerizing, powerful anthem.”


On the other side of the stage on the wings is Sean McCrerey, the Stage Manager, and he is excited for everything. He says “I think the cast has a lot of potential and it’s a great challenge having this be my first musical to manage from the wings.”  download (1)


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