CV Thespian Society and Hundred Acres Manor

CV Thespian Society and Hundred Acres Manor


CV Thespian Society and Hundred Acres Manor


014Halloween is a great time for pumpkins, hayrides, apple cider, and haunted houses! One of Pittsburgh’s scariest haunted houses, Hundred Acres Manor, is powered by volunteering actors and actresses waiting to scare customers. The money that Hundred Acres Manor makes goes to multiple charities such as Animal Friends, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. The haunted house is located within South Park, Pennsylvania so it is close to the Chartiers Valley area.

Chartiers Valley Thespian Society was invited to act in the haunted house on October 11, 2015. About 20 students from Chartiers Valley attended the scarefest at Hundred Acres Manor, myself being one of those 20 people. Also two other schools were volunteering with Chartiers Valley, making a large crowd of actors and actresses to scare the many customers.

All of the volunteers needed to check in and sign a contract of sorts to be able to go any further. After everyone was checked in, the volunteers of the night were able to get an “Actor Hot Sheet” describing their assignments for the night including location, makeup, costume, the job description, lines, and tips for the night.

For about the next hour, all of the volunteers were getting into makeup and costumes. After we were all ready, the volunteer organizer, Ethan, told us all more rules that were ensuring our safety in the haunted house. At last, it was time to get into places within Hundred Acres Manor; zone managers were set up to escort all the actors to their places. Katherine Palma, a new member of the Thespian Society, quotes “I was in the Vodou room, I stood still and people thought I was a doll, so I would jump out and scare them. It was so fun seeing everyone’s reactions.”

After four hours of screaming and laughing at all of the customers of Hundred Acres Manor, the zone manager finally came by to say that the haunted house was closed and I could leave the Brine Slaughterhouse. Meeting up with the rest of the people from Chartiers Valley was so exciting, because we all shared memories and funny reactions with each other. After we all met up, senior TJ Vercek, also in the Brine Slaughterhouse, said, “My voice is shot, and I wish I was in the swamp.”

I would recommend going to or volunteering at the Hundred Acres Manor. It was such a great experience and the staff at Hundred Acres Manor were all so nice and welcoming. Happy Halloween!


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