CV's Change for Students

CV's Change for Students


CV's Change for Students


Honest opinions? What do you think about CV? What could change to benefit the students? What do you expect to change? What should change? On this edition of CV’s Scoop, we went straight to who matters, the students.

Mark Kelly: “The variety of food lacks diversity, it seems like a reoccurring theme. Always pizza, salad, pasta, or sandwich. Getting new things in the lunch room would increase the number of students who want to buy lunch, in turn, raising the money CV collects.”

Michael Guido: “I’m really hoping CV will back up this new Ultimate Frisbee team that should be starting up this Spring (2016). This would give an opportunity to students who have never played a sport before to get involved and explore something new.”

James Scalise: “I think for all that CV blocks on our computers, it isn’t fair. We are the ones paying the school district for these computers. Shouldn’t we be allowed on some more sites to go on during a study hall or free period?”

Brandon Marcucci: “Free WIFI to students I see as a problem. Why aren’t we allowed our own WIFI? Teachers make sure our phones are away during class. Why could we not have a WIFI for a free period?”

Jordan Mokricky: “I think the school has offered a lot more since my freshman year which is nice; it shows the improvement within the school.”

CV has made changes that have benefitted students and there are more changes which are to come in the future.



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