Days Go By

Days Go By


Days Go By

Nine Weeks Come to a Close


Nine Weeks Come to a Close

As we return from the four day weekend, we look back on the first nine weeks. Some of us know this is the last first nine weeks we will see again in high school. Others see this as the first nine weeks of their high school life. Seniors get one more step closer to the ending part of their life, which will lead to another. Freshmen get a better grip on how to handle their grades, social life, and other activities. Students had many opinions on their first nine weeks in the 2015 school year, some hopeful, some upset about what they weren’t able to accomplish.

Michael Guido: “Thank God the first nine weeks is over.”

Jake Malacki: “I feel like school is almost out; we are closer to the end than we were at the beginning.”

Jordan Mokricky: “Well, I think the first nine weeks went by quickly and overall it was very good.”

Dom Piganelli: “I really wanted to get a B in Calculus BC but I couldn’t get there. Really wish the nine weeks wasn’t over.”

Gina Wilamowski: “I feel relieved that we are past the first nine weeks, I want to move on from it.”

Hillary Takyi: “My grades are good, I’m feeling good about this year.”

James Scalise: “It went faster than I thought it would.”

Brandon Marcucci: “I am distraught with my English grade and look to improve this next nine weeks.”

Lauren Jennings: “I’m happy to be one step closer to the end of the year.”

We are looking hopeful heading into the second nine weeks. Some more than others, but CV is still looking good showing their pride and love for the school.


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