The Dennis Smith Jr. Blog: Season frustrations, Duke and N.C. State visits and more

The Dennis Smith Jr. Blog: Season frustrations, Duke and N.C. State visits and more

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The Dennis Smith Jr. Blog: Season frustrations, Duke and N.C. State visits and more


Few players, regardless of class, have seen their star rise as quickly as Dennis Smith Jr. After winning a state title last season, Smith turned in a dominant summer on the AAU circuit, full of mind-boggling highlights and wins. Now, as the top point guard in the ESPN 60, Smith’s got a “who’s who” of college basketball’s elite all intently pursuing him. Smith has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

dennis smith jr

What’s up y’all I’m back with blog No. 6 and I have to fill y’all in on how the season and everything else is going.

Right now my season isn’t going too great.

We’re 11-6 and we got blown out recently. It’s been a tough year for us. We’re really young and we’ve only got three guys coming back from last season when we won the state title. We’ve got 10 new guys and we don’t make any excuses but it’s been rough.

We’re gonna try to regroup and put things together to defend our title in February.

If I could start the season over again I don’t know what I could do different. I’ve been trying everything, but, as a leader, I’m just gonna keep trying to go hard on every play and play even more aggressive than I have been.

I’m not used to having to score 30 points every game, but I’ll do whatever it takes to give my team the best chance.

This year has been really frustrating because teams come in to most games face-guarding me with two guys and I get triple teams too. I think it’s the most frustrating thing basketball-wise I’ve ever had to deal with. When that happens I have to look for my teammates to make plays.

I can’t be too mad at the other teams though because that’s probably the strategy I’d use if I were playing against me so I get it.

Of course we kicked off a new year so Happy New Year to everybody!

I brought the year in playing Phase 10 with my grandma, my aunt Rhonda and Isaiah; it wasn’t all exciting like that but it was fun because I got the chance to hang out with my fam!

On New Year’s day I was out playing football with my friends. That’s just something we do every year so we had a lot of fun out there. Y’all know I was out there dominating on the field.

I went to N.C. State for their game against Cincinnati with Gary Clark and those guys. It was a lot of fun; I thought State played really solid with my man Cat Barber out there doing his thing. It was a good game for a while; State starting making a comeback beginning the second half but Cincinnati just pulled away.

I watch Cat and Trevor Lacey the most because they play my position. What I noticed from that game was Cat’s opportunity for iso’s; he capitalized on them too! I liked seeing that.

Then I went to Duke’s game last weekend against Boston College and had a ball. They told me all their students weren’t there because classes weren’t in, and, even though it wasn’t as crazy as it usually is, it was still pretty crazy. The Crazies are crazy! Haha.

I sat right behind the bench with my homeboy and a couple times during the game Coach K would have the towel in his hand and throw it on me and Coach Capel would throw a gum wrapper or something at me just to mess with me a little bit. They wanted me to see different things in the game. They look good and I love how they use Tyus and Quinn! They won big.

I’m gonna get to North Carolina’s game against Louisville too so I’m looking forward to checking out the Tar Heels.

I’ve got really good relationships with all of the coaches recruiting me; one coach even asked me the other day about what the ladies look like in Fayetteville. Haha! It was funny, but cool at the same time; I like when coaches talk about things other than basketball too.

Everybody asks me where I’m leaning and if I’ll cut my list or what I’m thinking and things like that but with the way my season’s been going I haven’t thought about recruitment too much.

I plan to look at it a little bit more when my season is over and by the time AAU is over I’m gonna cut my list down. That’s the plan right now.

OK, we started back at school this week and the best thing about starting class is that Chemistry class is over! That was tough on me, but I pulled out a strong B in the end so I was proud of that.

But from this point on I think I’ll be able to pull out all A’s!

I’m still messin’ around with the rap game a little bit too! I spit a little bit for my teammates on the away games and it’s always fire! I’m gonna try and get on a track with my boy Corey Sanders. He be killin’ it too!

I know Malik Newman says he’s the best rapper when it comes to high school basketball players, but I’ll be waiting for him.

Aight everybody, as always, I appreciate you checking out blog No. 6; be on the lookout for the next one coming soon!

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The Dennis Smith Jr. Blog: Season frustrations, Duke and N.C. State visits and more
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