Dobbins is receiving national attention

Dobbins is receiving national attention


Dobbins is receiving national attention


Just like his late father, Lawrence, J.K. Dobbins is bringing a lot of positive attention to La Grange.

The junior to be running back for the Leopards is barely old enough to legally drive a car, but countless major college football coaches are driving to La Grange to inquire about Dobbins after his super sophomore season on the football field.

J.K. has received over a dozen football scholarship offers to date, but his latest was from his “dream school”, the University of Texas.

Dobbins rushed for over 2200 yards and scored 37-touchdowns in 2014 as a sophomore for the Leopards.

During the off-season, Dobbins qualified to compete for a state championship in the UIL 100-meters sprint. He finished 6th overall in the 4A finals in 10.75 seconds. Back in 1998, his late father won the state gold in the 100-meters in 10.66 seconds.

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