Dryden's Bennett, Notre Dame duo among IAC girls MVPs

Dryden's Bennett, Notre Dame duo among IAC girls MVPs


Dryden's Bennett, Notre Dame duo among IAC girls MVPs


Soccer ball.

Soccer ball.

Dryden’s Taylor Bennett earned girls soccer Most Valuable Players honors for the third straight year in the Interscholastic Athletic Conference North Large School Division, while Emma Booth and Victoria Schutrum, of New York state Class C runner-up Elmira Notre Dame, shared MVP honors in the IAC South Large School Division.

The other division MVPs for the conference were Groton’s Sidney Reeves and Marathon’s Ashley Bush in the North Small School Division, and Odessa-Montour’s Sage Garrison in the South Small School Division.

Picks were made by the conference’s coaches.

South Large School Division

First team

Forwards: Laurel Vargas, freshman, Notre Dame; Camille VanderMeer, sophomore, Notre Dame; Melissa Franco, freshman, Newark Valley; Maddie Sherwood, freshman, Newark Valley; Ellie Nettinger, sophomore, Waverly.

Midfield: Melina Ortiz, eighth-grader, Waverly; Emma Booth, senior, Notre Dame; Maura Glovins, junior, Notre Dame; Megan Diego, senior, Newark Valley.

Defenders: Victoria Schutrum, senior, Notre Dame; Mackenzie Mahajan, junior, Notre Dame; Bre Sokol, senior, Newark Valley; Morgan Sherwood, junior, Newark Valley.

Goalie: Mackenzie Maloney, junior, Notre Dame.

Second team

Forwards: Isobelle Scheffey, sophomore, Watkins Glen; Hannah Morse, freshman, Watkins Glen; Kayla Kalenbeim, sophomore, Waverly.

Midfield: Reilly Edger, senior, Notre Dame; Mia Herlan, senior, Notre Dame; Kaitlin Martin, junior, Newark Valley; Alyssa Sepelak, junior, Newark Valley; Capria Picco, sophomore, Waverly.

Defenders: Bernadette Osborne, senior, Watkins Glen; Kiersten Stiles, sophomore, Watkins Glen; Kaya Luciani, junior, Newark Valley; Wendi Hammond, freshman, Waverly.

Goalie: Zoe Mennig, junior, Waverly.

South Small School Division

First team

Forwards: Sage Garrison, junior, O-M; Mikayla Short, senior, Candor; Justice Pahlman, junior, Tioga; Sierra Henry, senior, Newfield; April Dunn, senior, O-M.

Midfield: Angela Martone, senior, Candor; Kaitlyn Bickham, freshman, Newfield; Taylor Horton, senior, Candor; Maggie Hollenbeck, junior, Spencer-Van Etten.

Defenders: Emily Potter, senior, Candor; Rhianna Mosher, senior, Newfield; Hannah Bruno, freshman, O-M.

Goalie: Gillian Clark, sophomore, O-M.

Second team

Forward: Adeline Hays, junior, S-VE; Emily Polo-Rankin, freshman, Tioga; Alexis Saunders, freshman, O-M; Jennah Lorer, senior, Newfield.

Midfield: Olivia Grover, freshman, O-M; Zozha TenWolde, senior, Newfield.

Defender: Katie Webster, senior, Tioga; Hannah Westervelt, junior, S-VE; McKennah Lott, freshman, O-M; Halley Perraut, sophomore, O-M.

Goalie: Katie Slocum, junior, Candor.

North Large School Division

First team

Forwards: Taylor Bennett, senior, Dryden; Kassie Riemer, sophomore, Lansing; Gracie Standish, senior, Whitney Point; Keri Daley, sophomore, Dryden.

Midfield: Hannah Morpurgo, sophomore, Trumansburg; Megan Dean, junior, Lansing; Jenna Seafuse, freshman, Trumansburg; Melina Katsiroumba, junior, Dryden.

Defenders: Courtney James, junior, Whitney Point; Michelle Schafer, senior, Lansing; Jasmine Jackson, senior, Union Springs/Port Byron; Maddie Boerman, junior, Lansing.

Goalie: Sara Westcott, sophomore, Dryden.

Second team

Forwards: Erica Saroodis, junior, US/PB; Taylor Miller, sophomore, Trumansburg.

Midfield: Linsey Howell, sophomore, Whitney Point; Tiffany Burgos, sophomore, Dryden; Alisa Hines, junior, Dryden; Reilly Zajac, senior, Lansing.

Defenders: Molly Arnold, sophomore, Dryden; Emma Dhmitri, junior, Lansing; Nicki VanOstrand, senior, Lansing; Kassadi Woods, senior, Trumansburg.

Goalie: Morgan Lupo, freshman, US/PB.

North Small School Division

First team

Forwards: Allysan O’Shea, senior, Marathon; Chelsea Quail, sophomore, Marathon; Ashley Bush, senior, Marathon; Zoe Barrington, senior, Moravia.

Midfield: Avery Barber, sophomore, Marathon; Stephanie Wales, senior, Marathon; Destiny Lemmon, senior, Moravia; Sidney Reeves, junior, Groton.

Defenders: Emily Krebs, junior, Marathon; Melanie Powers, senior, Moravia; Tess Federation, senior, Groton; Emily Kopp, senior, Southern Cayuga.

Goalie: Paige Graham, junior, Groton.

Second team

Forwards: Allison Genson, sophomore, Moravia; Lauren Reeves, eighth-grader, Groton; Brooke Brecht, eighth-grader, Groton.

Midfield: Hailey DeWitt, senior, Moravia; Maggie Ossit, freshman, Groton; Jenica Jenney, sophomore, Marathon; Emily Lehman, sophomore, Marathon.

Defenders: Cara Carmichael, senior, Moravia; Lexington Stoyell, senior, Moravia; Miranda Withers, senior, Moravia; Emily Brown, senior, Groton.

Goalie: Hannah Bennink, senior, Moravia.

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