Fox 46 Spotlight on Charlotte Catholic

Fox 46 Spotlight on Charlotte Catholic


Fox 46 Spotlight on Charlotte Catholic

By Amanda Rock


By Amanda Rock

Page Crawford interviews Mr. Panther

Page Crawford interviews Mr. Panther, supervisor of Student Council

   A typical school day at Charlotte Catholic High School starts at 7:35 A.M., but not on November 13th. By 6:30, many students and faculty had already arrived in order to prepare for a morning pep rally taking place in the newly renovated CCHS stadium.

    Fox News 46 has hosted news segments at local high schools in the past, and Charlotte Catholic was a fitting location to host its most recent one. Fox 46 Anchor Page Crawford said, “We try to pick a mix of schools — different areas, public or private, etc. — and Charlotte Catholic just has a lot of great stuff going on, and we knew that you guys would show up and just bring it.” Despite the cold weather, there was an ambience of unity and school spirit present in Keffer Stadium on this Friday morning.

   Junior Uwa Akhere was the first Charlotte Catholic interviewee for Fox 46 News. Akhere leads the morning announcement crew at CCHS. She arrived at 6:15 on Friday for her first appearance on live television. “It was different from what I expected because the news anchor lady was very relaxing and calming and she told everyone to be normal and not to stress out about it because it’s just fun,” she said. Akhere provided a general introduction of Charlotte Catholic High School to the news team.

    The pep rally took place on Friday the 13th, the same day as the first round state playoff football game against Vance High School. In the semifinals of last year’s state playoffs, CCHS defeated the Vance Cougars in a close game of 35-34 to advance to the state championship. CCHS Coach Brodowicz said that the broadcasted pep rally fortified the support that the team has had all year. “It got everybody excited and was the icing on the cake,” he said. The CCHS Cougars defeated the Vance Cougars by a score of 26-20 in double overtime to advance to the second round of playoffs.

    Mr. Belk, the dean of students at Charlotte Catholic, said that the best part of the pep rally was that “[We showed] a widSS, e variety of what we do at CCHS — what makes it a special place. The biggest thing was that we got to share with the community was the service and religious aspect.” The pep rally exhibited the CCHS service projects, sports programs, band, chorus, senior t-shirts, and more. Ciaron Traynor, a senior at CCHS, Irish danced during the pep rally. The Honors Women’s Chorus also sung a couple of songs for the Charlotte Catholic community and Fox 46. The Kuhn Family was interviewed because members of the past three generations have attended Charlotte Catholic High School. Mr. Kuhn is an English teacher at CCHS and two of his daughters also attend the school.

    Father Barone and Sister Agnes also spoke with Page Crawford about one common ground that brings the Charlotte Catholic community together: our faith. Sister talked about the school’s missionary activities and Father talked about the spiritual life at Charlotte Catholic. In the past few year at CCHS, students have traveled to countries such as Jamaica and Haiti for missionary trips. In September, a group of students traveled to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis during his pastoral visit.

    Sister Agnes thinks that it was good to show all of the different dimensions of our school on Fox 46 News. She said, “We try to meet the needs of a whole person here: spirit, soul, and body.”



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