FPD new football field coming along in Macon

FPD new football field coming along in Macon


FPD new football field coming along in Macon


FPD Field

FPD Field

Right now, First Presbyterian Day school coach Greg Moore has his football field on the clock.

He needs grass plugs to grow as quick as they can for the season that gets going next month.

Greg is one of those “man’s man” kind guys, a serious, focused fella.

But he equated this field renovation process to getting in the kitchen to bake a long overdue masterpiece.

“Right now, we got a pretty big mess on our hands,” Moore said back in May.

A couple of months ago a lot of red clay and sloppy mud sat on top of Viking field.

Moore says the school had a big project in front of them.

” It begins with a new base layer new irrigation, drainage and removing some of the crown in the middle of the field and resetting some catch basins, he explained. It’s a little bit tight but I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I didn’t tell ya we’re worried about it a little bit.”

Mother Nature seemed to cooperate because today everything looks like it’s right on track. The plugs have gone green and everything is growing nicely.

Moore says this project came in at about $120,000.

“For 25 years, we’ve put new frosting on a cake and every year and decorating it every year,” Moore said. “Our guys on the grounds have done a fantastic job putting frosting on every year but sooner or later you’ve gotta have a new cake. We can’t put anymore frosting and that’s where we are building that new cake.”

Moore says it only took about a month to raise money for this dessert and maybe the sweetest part of it came from football players from the past.

“One of neat things about this was a reconnect with our football alumni who jumped in and helped close out things for us and that was really cool to have guys call and send letters and meet with us and talk about when they played here,” Moore said with a smile.

And Viking Nation, especially the guys that wore the uniform are invested in the new project and still feel connected to the land.

“They didn’t want us to get rid of all the sweat the blood and the tears that’s in that dirt,” Moore said with a smile.

Moore says they never really considered turf mainly because of budget constraints, he says it would have been a lot more expensive and he added turf comes with a warranty that lasts anywhere from eight to 12 years.

Moore says they may get another 25-30 out of this project.

FPD will get their first chance to get down and dirty on that field when they scrimmage Central in mid-August.


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