Ga. Tech recruit who alleged harassment wants campus police disciplined

Ga. Tech recruit who alleged harassment wants campus police disciplined


Ga. Tech recruit who alleged harassment wants campus police disciplined


ATLANTA – Georgia Tech police are continuing an investigation into an incident that led a football recruit to decommit from the school.

Jordan Johnson, an offensive line prospect from Ed White High School’s Class of 2016 in Jacksonville, Fla., announced on Twitter Sunday that was he was withdrawing his commitment to Georgia Tech after a “bad experience” with campus police on Saturday.

Jordan said that his and his family were racially profiled by Georgia Tech police while attending the Yellow Jackets’ game against the Georgia Bulldogs at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Jordan maintains that he was sitting where he had been told to sit, and that the whole situation should have been handled better.

“I showed them my lanyard thing and I said, ‘This is my ticket,’ and they said, ‘No, you need to have a ticket, where’s your ticket?’ And they made it seem like we didn’t belong where we were sitting,” Jordan said.

Jordan said that things escalated and the officer eventually apologized. But, he said, the damage was done. The next day he fired off a Tweet announcing his decommitment. He was quickly retweeted by sports reporters and bloggers – across the country.

Erik Richards, a national recruiter for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, said that Jordan has gotten at least 15 looks from other SEC and ACC schools. Richards happened to spot Jordan at Saturday’s game.

“I happened to notice him at halftime and he looked a little disheveled, like something had happened,” Richards said.

As far as what this means for Tech’s football program, Richards said it’s not great — but not devastating.

“Jordan fits Georgia Tech’s offense,” Richards said. “I’m not going to say that linemen are a dime a dozen, but there are other 4-star recruits out there that Georgia Tech will get to replace him.”

Jordan says he does appreciate the coaching staff reaching out, but only one thing will make him change his mind: disciplining the police officers involved.

“That they won’t do this again or they won’t be there to do it again,” Jordan said.

It’s actually the second verbal commitment tech has lost in days. In an unrelated incident, another offensive lineman, Trysten Hill, backed out on Sunday. He didn’t give a reason.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Tech told that the family has never filed a formal complaint, but the chief is being proactive in deciding to investigate himself.



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