Harry Moore Tournament connects the future with the past

Harry Moore Tournament connects the future with the past


Harry Moore Tournament connects the future with the past


Basketball with dark background on a wood gym floor

Basketball with dark background on a wood gym floor

The Harry C. Moore Memorial Basketball Tournament is about more than just sports.

Since 2004, the tournament has honored the memory of the legendary Capac High School basketball coach and Athletic Director Harry C. Moore.

The participating players never met Moore. He passed away from a battle with cancer in 1986. But his memory remains alive through their efforts.

“We bring back all of the memories and its a great experience having this tournament,” Dale Moore, Harry C. Moore’s son said. “My kids, my dad died before they were even born. But they have learned so much about him by going to the tournament.

“He lived by three things. I heard him say so many times that you place God first, others second and your own self third. That’s how I try to live my life. I don’t know how many times I heard him say that.”

Moore coached basketball at Capac from 1956 to 1971. During the night, his family was called to the court and recognized.

During play, the Brown City girls basketball team defeated Capac, 27-22, to win the girls tournament championship. Kingston defeated North Branch in the consolation game.

North Branch defeated Brown City 51-46 in the boys championship game. Brown City led early in the game before surrendering the lead in the second half.

“In the second half we went cold and a couple shots rimmed out and that was the difference,” Brown City coach Anthony Troshak said. “It was a fun tournament and it’s great for the kids. It’s a fast turnaround and you don’t have much time to prepare so that’s a lot like March.”

The Capac boys meanwhile defeated Kingston, 60-36 in the boys consolation game.

“I talked to the guys about team adversity,” Capac boys coach Chris Baba said. “Lately we have been down in the dumps with a couple losses we had. We have been trying to fight back and I thought tonight was a good game for them to fight through adversity.

“There are a lot of life lessons learned through this tournament. Coach Moore taught life lessons through basketball.”

In addition to the games, five people were honored for their contributions to the community. Among those honored were former Times Herald photographer Ralph Polovich.

Former Times Herald photographer Ralph Polovich

Former Times Herald photographer Ralph Polovich

“Harry Moore was a good basketball coach years ago and he had some really, really impressive players,” Polovich said. “It was a lot of fun shooting games. I was just doing my job. When you see a team that has good success, you enjoy watching the game as you enjoy shooting the pictures.

“But you can’t be a fan and watch the game and report it objectively. You can’t be a fan. You have to pay attention to what you are doing. Even though you couldn’t respond emotionally when you see things on the court, they were still fun to watch. They were just tremendous.”

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