High School Football Picks: Week 8

High School Football Picks: Week 8


High School Football Picks: Week 8


Northampton's Dyshawn Beckett (20) stiff arms Chincoteague's Dustin Holloway (10) as he carries the ball on Friday, Oct. 16, 2015. Chincoteague would win the game 34-28.

Northampton’s Dyshawn Beckett (20) stiff arms Chincoteague’s Dustin Holloway (10) as he carries the ball on Friday, Oct. 16, 2015. Chincoteague would win the game 34-28.

North Caroline at James M. Bennett – Friday, Oct. 23, 6:30 p.m.

Shawn Yonker (29-10): Hate to make it a sweep picking against the Clippers this week after their impressive week, but I don’t think they saved enough magic from the win against Parkside to pull this one out. They vaulted to the top of the South, but the South is not the North. North Caroline, 37-17

Ryan Marshall (34-12): You have to give the James M. Bennett coaching staff and players credit. They proved everyone wrong last week against Parkside. But in a city rivalry game, things are different and the teams are closer, North Caroline is just crazy good, 45-10 Bulldogs.

Justin Odendhal (32-10): A week of celebration after taking down city rivals Parkside last Thursday, the Clippers are up against the best team in the Bayside who has been rolling over the competition. Nothing against Bennett, this time they just won’t have nearly enough to get it done at home. North Caroline 47-7

Mitchell Northam (33-13): Bennett surprised many last week when they topped Parkside in their first leg of the City Championship. For now, they look like the best team in the South. However, that doesn’t mean anything when North Caroline comes to town. North Caroline, 48-20

Wicomico at Queen Anne’s – Friday, Oct. 23, 7 p.m.

Yonker: Another north/south matchup doesn’t go the way Wicomico would like it to this week as the Indians come off stomping Snow Hill and have to travel to visit the Lions. Queen Anne’s 27-13

Marshall: Right back to the grind. Wicomico was impressive against Snow Hill and Washington but now they have a trip up to Queen Anne’s. History will repeat itself, the Bayside South teams can’t compete with the north right now, 49-7 Lions.

Odendhal: It’s been a nice two weeks for the Tribe demolishing the bottom of the Bayside only now they take on one of the perennial monsters. The past two weeks of offensive explosion has helped the offense find its groove so points will be put on the board by Wi-Hi, Queen Anne’s will put up a lot more. Queen Anne’s 42-10

Northam: What’s that saying? All good things must come to an end? Here’s where Wi-Hi’s two-game winning streak comes to a halt. Queen Anne’s, 59-13

Sussex Tech at Polytech – Friday, Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m.

Yonker: I said I wouldn’t pick against the Ravens until they gave me a reason. Yeah they were rolled over by Smyrna last week, but I’m not even sure the Polytech will get over midfield in this one. Sussex Tech 44-0

Marshall: This is a bad place for Polytech. The Ravens are coming off their first lost, a 42-0 drubbing by Smyrna. Poly is winless and the clock is running early on this one, 35-0 Ravens.

Odendhal: Expect the Ravens to come out firing after last Saturday’s demolition at Smyrna. The return of a fresh Pat Griffin, one of Tech’s top threats, doesn’t bode well for the Panthers, this has blowout written all over it. Sussex Tech 63-0

Northam: The Ravens are looking to rebound after their first loss of the season. It’s safe to say they will attempt to take their frustrations from last week’s loss against Smyrna out on Poly. Sussex Tech, 49-0

Sussex Central at Smyrna – Friday, Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m.

Yonker: You want to built your resume then you shut out Sussex Tech and then head to Central on the same mission. Smyrna passes the ball more than most high school squads can deal with. Smyrna 39-12

Marshall: Sussex Central has the defense to compete with top teams in the Henlopen, but Smyrna’s offense is something more evolved than anyone can handle right now. The Knights haven’t faced a passing attack like this all season, 45-14 Eagles.

Odendhal: Smyrna showed they’re not to be messed with, dominating the only other team that stood in their way at being regular season Henlopen North champs. Another statement win is coming for the Eagles. Smyrna 51-0

Northam: Sussex Central has one of the top defenses on the Delmarva Peninsula, but it still won’t be enough to top Smyrna. Smyrna, 36-13

Indian River at Woodbridge – Friday, Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m.

Yonker: I just flipped a coin and it came up Indian River. Thats how close I expect this one to be. Indian River 24-21

Marshall: This is shaping up to be a Henlopen South battle. Both teams are 3-3 but the Indians have the edge in the division. It will be a close battle but IR’s early-season killer schedule is paying off. It’s a fourth-straight win, 21-20 Indians.

Odendhal: Who would have thought Indian River would be at the top of the Henlopen South more than halfway through the season. Fairly evenly matched with the Blue Raiders, I give the homecoming win to Woodbridge. Woodbridge 19-17

Northam: It’s homecoming for Woodbridge, but Indian River has won three straight games. Who has the advantage? The team playing at home or the team with momentum. Both squads are evenly matched and this is a real toss-up. If I were a betting man, I’d stay away from this game. It could go either way. Woodbridge, 24-20

Stephen Decatur at Parkside – Saturday, Oct. 24, 12 p.m.

Yonker: Does Decatur have anyone still healthy on their roster? Both these team like to run. Both of these teams will run. This could be the season’s shortest game assuming it’s not a penalty fest. I expect the Rams to run better. Parkside 24-13

Marshall: In the early season, this would be to decide the Bayside South. Injuries have hampered the Seahawks and the Rams fell off the wagon against James M. Bennett. Expect plenty of rushing from both teams, but the Rams prevail, 28-21 Parkside.

Odendhal: Only two weeks ago this looked to be the marquee Bayside South match-up with heavy bragging rights in play. Decatur is banged up beyond belief and Parkside needs to rebound after a disappointing loss, which team will respond to adversity? Parkside 17-14

Northam: This game is going to be ugly. Before last week, I might have picked Decatur, but with the injuries they have had, I’m not sure they will score more than a few times. For Parkside, this is the week to get their high-powered offense churning again, and I think they will do just that. Parkside, 36-22

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Seaford at Delmar – Saturday, Oct. 24, 1:30 p.m.

Yonker: Delmar has to win eventually. Right? I mean I’m not sure even any of the old timers can remember Delmar starting this bad. They wont go to 0-7. Delmar 33-3

Marshall: This one shouldn’t be close. Delmar is an unlucky 0-6 and will take it out on the Blue Jays, 35-0 Delmar.

Odendhal: The Wildcats finally have a reason to celebrate as Henlopen South doormat Seaford comes to town with eight total points on the entire season. Hearn is going to open up the offense and let his guys pad the stats in this one. Delmar 48-0

Northam: This is supposed to be a rivalry game, but despite their records on the season, Seaford is miles behind the talent that Delmar has. The Blue Jays are a young team with few numbers and little experience. Delmar on the other hand could have three wins if a few calls or balls went their way. Delmar, 49-6

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