High School Hub enables schools to publish sports and other news online for free

High School Hub enables schools to publish sports and other news online for free


High School Hub enables schools to publish sports and other news online for free


Shaler Area High School in Pittsburgh's High School Hub Site

Shaler Area High School in Pittsburgh’s High School Hub Site

Your high school is making news and reaching goals every day.  Why not share this good news with your school community?

USA TODAY High School Sports has a program, High School Hub, which provides a free hosted WordPress website to high schools for publishing their school newspapers or sports news.  There are Hub sites from Washington state to Washington, D.C. and places in between.  The sites are run by journalism teachers, athletic departments or other advisers who direct the content, and students report and publish stories, photos and videos.

We provide the sites, as well as training and support.  Students get real-world experience publishing to their site, and are building their digital portfolio as a journalist on a USA TODAY-partnered site.  No other school newspaper website can offer that.

In addition, if a story covers news that is of interest on a national or regional level, the stories can get re-published on our national High School Sports site, or on a Gannett news media market, depending on your location.

Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma's Hub site

Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma’s Hub site

Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, Wash., was one of the first schools to launch their Hub site.  Their students have covered everything from player video blogs and school sports news to reporting from Mariners and Seahawks games.  Bellarmine teacher and newspaper adviser, Jeanne Hanigan, has worked with her AP Composition and Journalism students and newspaper staff and has incorporated their Hub site into her curriculum.  “[My] students realize that they are writing for a greater audience other than their teacher and even simply their school community. USA TODAY HSS has opened up so many experiences and benefits  for them. From professional sports coverage to serious academic credibility, these young people now know that they are true writers and official media personnel.”

Shaler Area High School in Pittsburgh started a hub site in the spring, shortly before the end of the school year.  Eric Schott, journalism teacher, was originally planning on just learning the ropes and launching their site in the fall, but found that it was so easy to use that they started publishing right away.  “The site has changed the way I run my class. In the past we would simply gear up for the print issue once a month or so. Now we can do more “real journalism” in that we can cover a story in real time and publish it. It has given my students a much better idea of what the “real world” is like in terms of covering a story.”

Two of the stories published by Shaler students were re-published to the national High School Sports site.  Schott said, “As [the students] watched and saw how many people viewed the story, they (and I to be honest) were taken aback by the attention their articles got. They got feedback from people all over the country. It’s not often you hear students say ‘This is really cool’ relating to class, but I’ve heard it several times since we’ve started posting on the HS Hub site. The kids really like it.

“I remember Jared’s article on Jesse Della Valle was posted right next to a story from a writer from the Indy Star who also works for CBS Sportsline. [Jared] kept giving me updates as the views of his kept climbing in the thousands while the other story didn’t even get 1000 views.”

Bellarmine’s Hanigan attests that the sites are a real benefit. She adds, “The hub site really seems like something too good to be true. But it is true- a real gem of scholastic journalism. THE USA TODAY HSS support staff is knowledgeable, helpful, patient and fun. I hope other schools take advantage of this amazing opportunity. I am so pleased that we pursued this incredible experience. So are my students!”

Great and newsworthy events happening at your school should be shared on your own Hub site.  If you would like more information or are ready to request a FREE High School Hub for your high school, visit our information site at http://usatodayhss.com/market/high-school-hub-info, or email us directly at hshub@usatoday.com.

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