Hillsboro wins 5A division at Oregon Wrestling Classic

Hillsboro wins 5A division at Oregon Wrestling Classic


Hillsboro wins 5A division at Oregon Wrestling Classic



The Oregon Wrestling Classic, a tournament that hosts some of the best wrestling teams in the state, took place on Friday and Saturday at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond.

The Hillsboro Spartans were the top local finisher at any level as they won the 5A division with a 32-30 victory over Hermiston in the championship match.

Championship match results
110 – Jaiven Rodriguez (5a Hillsboro HS) over Robert Rodriguez (5a Hermiston HS) Fall 0:55
117 – Peyton Bell (5a Hillsboro HS) over Liam Tarvin (5a Hermiston HS) Dec 7-2
124 – Andy Wagner (5a Hermiston HS) over Jose Valero (5a Hillsboro HS) Fall 1:54
130 – Matt Peterson (5a Hillsboro HS) over Cj Hendon (5a Hermiston HS) Maj 17-7
136 – Aj Tuia (5a Hermiston HS) over Caden Smith (5a Hillsboro HS) Fall 1:37
142 – Joey Gutierrez (5a Hermiston HS) over Eddie Kalamau iii (5a Hillsboro HS) Dec 4-1
149 – Gabe Schade (5a Hillsboro HS) over Robert Crane (5a Hermiston HS) Maj 17-3
156 – Jarred Eichstadt (5a Hillsboro HS) over Jake Plamer (5a Hermiston HS) Dec 9-4
164 – Brock Mcdonough (5a Hermiston HS) over Sage Roundtree (5a Hillsboro HS) Dec 10-4
174 – Hunter Morse (5a Hillsboro HS) over Bob Coleman (5a Hermiston HS) TB-1 2-1
186 – John-henry Line (5a Hermiston HS) over Isaac Nakamoto (5a Hillsboro HS) Fall 2:49
199 – Tj Cavender (5a Hillsboro HS) over Jesee Rodelo (5a Hermiston HS) Dec 3-2
224 – Samuel Shields-colbray (5a Hermiston HS) over Enrique Guerra (5a Hillsboro HS) Fall 0:29
289 – Ben Kociemba (5a Hillsboro HS) over Beau Blake (5a Hermiston HS) Fall 1:40

Kevin Matthews-Garza (110 lbs.), Javien Rodriguez (110, 117), Peyton Bell (117, 124), Matt Peterson (130, 136), TJ Cavendar (199, 224), and Ben Kociemba (224, 289) won all of their individual matches.

David Douglas


The top local finisher in the 6A division was David Douglas, who took home third place with a 46-33 win over North Medford. Roseburg won the 6A title with a 46-19 win over McMinnville.

Third place match
110 – Chase Mitchell (6a North Medford HS) vs Brandon Thai (6a David Douglas HS)
117 – Henry Cox (6a North Medford HS) over Anthony Cha (6a David Douglas HS) Fall 0:51
124 – Kyle Beal (6a David Douglas HS) over Taoyi Li (6a North Medford HS) Fall 0:13
130 – Andrew Curry (6a David Douglas HS) over Chase Reyes (6a North Medford HS) Fall 0:55
136 – Andrey Gamza (6a David Douglas HS) over Nico Baldovino (6a North Medford HS) Fall 5:27
142 – Nadari Shabanov (6a David Douglas HS) over Caleb Dix (6a North Medford HS) Fall 5:33
149 – Dillon Ulrey (6a North Medford HS) over Mamed Razatdinou (6a David Douglas HS) Dec 10-3
156 – Cole Hornbrook (6a North Medford HS) over Tristin Molinari (6a David Douglas HS) Fall 0:46
164 – Justin Geyer (6a North Medford HS) over Jamerz Magomadov (6a David Douglas HS) Fall 1:14
174 – Brandin Colley (6a David Douglas HS) over Jan-louis Benade (6a North Medford HS) Fall 1:19
186 – Wyatt Westfall (6a North Medford HS) over Alexander Warque (6a David Douglas HS) Fall 1:42
199 – Trenton Wilson (6a North Medford HS) over Ja`bryce Mcdavid (6a David Douglas HS) Fall 1:58
224 – John Ashe (6a David Douglas HS) over Skyler Black (6a North Medford HS) Fall 1:01
289 – Osawaru Odighizuwa (6a David Douglas HS) over Daniel Ibarra (6a North Medford HS) Fall 1:18

Osawaru Odighizuwa (289 lbs.) won all six of his individual matchups. Kyle Beal (124), Nadari Shabanov (142), Brandin Colley (174) won five of their six individual matches.

Newberg, Glencoe and West Linn finished in first, third and fourth place respectively in the 6A’s second-tier group. Cleveland and Barlow finished second and third and the 6A’s third-tier group.

Here are final team 6A results:

6A#1 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – 6a Roseburg HS
2nd Place – 6a McMinnville HS
3rd Place – 6a David Douglas HS
4th Place – 6a North Medford HS
1st Place Match
6a Roseburg HS defeated 6a McMinnville HS 46-19.
3rd Place Match
6a David Douglas HS defeated 6a North Medford HS 46-33.

6A#2 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – 6a Newberg HS
2nd Place – 6a Sprague HS
3rd Place – 6a Glencoe HS
4th Place – 6a West Linn HS
1st Place Match
6a Newberg HS defeated 6a Sprague HS 45-22.
3rd Place Match
6a Glencoe HS defeated 6a West Linn HS 43-33.

6A#3 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – 6a Crook County JV
2nd Place – 6a Cleveland HS
3rd Place – 6a Barlow HS
4th Place – 6a McNary HS
1st Place Match
6a Crook County JV defeated 6a Cleveland HS 45-28.
3rd Place Match
6a Barlow HS defeated 6a McNary HS 39-30.

6A#4 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – 6a Clackamas HS
2nd Place – 6a Tualatin HS
3rd Place – 6a West Albany HS
4th Place – 6a Centennial HS
1st Place Match
6a Clackamas HS defeated 6a Tualatin HS 51-30.
3rd Place Match
6a West Albany HS defeated 6a Centennial HS 46-31.

6A#5 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – 6a Sherwood HS
2nd Place – 2a/1a Redmond JV HS
3rd Place – 6a Thurston HS
4th Place – 6a Oregon City HS
1st Place Match
6a Sherwood HS defeated 2a/1a Redmond JV HS 46-30.
3rd Place Match
6a Thurston HS defeated 6a Oregon City HS 0-0.



Scappoose took fourth place in the 4A division after losing to Cascade 42-27 in the third place match.

Third place match results
110 – Jordan Kenline (4a Cascade HS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
117 – Darien Fagin (4a Cascade HS) over Willie Lohman (4a Scappoose HS) Fall 3:22
124 – Braxton Sue (4a Scappoose HS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
130 – Alex Foumal (4a Scappoose HS) over Logan Humphrey (4a Cascade HS) Dec 10-7
136 – Jared Riesterer (4a Cascade HS) over Justin Hering (4a Scappoose HS) Fall 4:40
142 – Kade Vandehey (4a Cascade HS) over Jack Eggers (4a Scappoose HS) Fall 1:14
149 – Cody Erhardt (4a Scappoose HS) over Cole Cade (4a Cascade HS) Fall 0:25
156 – Ronald Benton-hayes (4a Cascade HS) over Zach Hanson (4a Scappoose HS) Fall 5:09
164 – David Krupsky (4a Scappoose HS) over Collin Brill (4a Cascade HS) Dec 10-4
174 – Kuloly Tudela (4a Cascade HS) over Ben Gadbois (4a Scappoose HS) TB-1 3-2
186 – Spencer Crawford (4a Cascade HS) over Johnathan Tardif (4a Scappoose HS) Dec 13-9
199 – Tyson Broadbent (4a Scappoose HS) over Hayes Vandehey (4a Cascade HS) Dec 6-2
224 – Devin Ray (4a Scappoose HS) over Malachi Gonzalez (4a Cascade HS) Fall 4:55
289 – Seth Everetts (4a Cascade HS) over Tayler Heaton (4a Scappoose HS) Fall 0:55

Braxton Sue (124 lbs.), Cody Erhardt (149), Tyson Broadbent (199), and Devin Ray (224) won four of their five individual matches. Logan Brooks (156) won all three of his individual matches.

You can check out full results from the event at TrackWrestling.com.


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Hillsboro wins 5A division at Oregon Wrestling Classic
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