Homecoming 2015

Homecoming 2015


Homecoming 2015


Saturday 26th, 2015: a memorable day for many students at Chartiers Valley High School.  Seniors attended the last homecoming of their high school career, marking the last time to get ready with friends, to make hair and makeup appointments, and just one last time to be in the Chartiers Valley cafeteria with many of their friends and other CV students. Kelsey Beall, a senior, divulges “I enjoyed it, they played a lot of good songs, but the DJ was too talkative.”



But on the end of the spectrum freshmen, attended their first ever homecoming, the excitement of the freshmen is almost contagious. Anna Inwood, quotes “Loved the candy table, maybe more variety next year, and loved the entryway decorations, overall it was a good time.”


Going to homecoming with a date is the usual norm in Chartiers Valley but in my experience, going with friends is so much more fun. When going to homecoming, having a date means you get to match with your date, get a corsage and boutonniere, and get the cheesy dance photos as well. This was my first and last homecoming experience with a date, and I’m so glad.


Homecoming 2014, my friends all got ready together with so many laughs, we went to a house in Nevillewood to take pictures before the dance, and then we danced the night away together. It was just great to really enjoy the night.



If you haven’t gone to homecoming yet, I would recommend going. It’s a great time for all students, and it goes along with the high school career you will have.









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