Inside Myers Park's David Palmer Shannon Weight Room

Inside Myers Park's David Palmer Shannon Weight Room


Inside Myers Park's David Palmer Shannon Weight Room

The new facility was paid for by the Myers Park alumni and local community.


The new facility was paid for by the Myers Park alumni and local community.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Just months after the grand opening of a beautiful new gymnasium, Myers Park opened a new facility Tuesday night, unveiling the David Palmer Shannon Weight Room.

The new weight room, complete with 16 full stations and a special floor for power clean lifting and state-of-the-art equipment, came with a hefty price tag well north of $100,000. But luckily for athletic director Rick Lewis, the Myers Park Mustang Club and Myers Park alumni were up to the task of raising the funds. The Myers Park community and alumni helped fund over $70,000 of the project, which will provide the school and football program with one of the nicest facilities in the state.

“We’re extremely blessed to have a strong community and booster club to help do this for our kids, because that’s what it’s all about,” Lewis told WCNC Tuesday.

The new Myers Park High School weight room uses Sorinex equipment, which has been used by teams in the NFL and NCAA.

Keeping with the strong sense of community, the new weight room is dedicated to Myers Park alum David Palmer Shannon. Shannon was a football player and all-around hardworking student at Myers Park. After graduating from Myers Park in 2012, Shannon moved to Chapel Hill to attend the University of North Carolina, where he lost his life in an accidental fall.

With all of this new equipment, Lewis and his staff had an important question to ask. What would they do with the old stuff? For Lewis, the answer was a no-brainer. Why not donate the equipment to his former employer, fellow CMS school Garinger High.

“I got my first head coaching job at Garinger in the early ’90s, and we got with them, and agreed to donate our equipment. It’s not obsolete, it was purchased in 2001 and is in great shape.”

Another added bonus for Myers Park was when weight manufacturer Sorinex upped the ante with a kind gesture of their own.

“Sorinex actually agreed to break down our old equipment, help us pack and move it to Garinger, as well as set it up at the school completely free of charge. They also manufactured the sign over the entrance in their machine shop at no cost to us.”

For those familiar with weightlifting, Sorinex is one of the premier equipment manufacturers in the United States. Having provided facilities used by the likes of the New England Patriots, Duke University, and Clemson University, Sorinex is an established company with only the best equipment available.

The community’s dedication and support of the Myers Park athletes is alive and well, giving their kids every opportunity to succeed and lend a helping hand to fellow competitors and friends in Charlotte. With people like Rick Lewis leading the way in the Charlotte community, the next generation of athletes are definitely in good hands.


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