Officials associations demand inquiries into 'absolutely unacceptable' attack in Texas

Officials associations demand inquiries into 'absolutely unacceptable' attack in Texas


Officials associations demand inquiries into 'absolutely unacceptable' attack in Texas


The Texas Association of Sports Officials and National Association of Sports Officials have each released statements in support of umpire Robert Watts, who was attacked by two players from John Jay High in San Antonio during Friday night’s game against Marble Falls.

In its statement, TASO called the actions “absolutely unacceptable” and called for a full and thorough investigation by its organization, the UIL, the school district and law enforcement.

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The organization said it was aware of the actions taken in the aftermath of the incident by Northside Independent School District but said it would refrain from comment about specifics of the incident “in order to ensure a prompt, fair and judicious outcome for everyone involved.” TASO said it has internal mechanisms in place to address incidents like this and that its “first priority” was supporting the health and well being of the official.

The statement did not address the allegations of multiple racial slurs made the official by the players involved. Northside ISD said it would be filing an official complaint with TASO regarding the alleged remarks.

Here is the full statement from TASO:


The national association also used the term unacceptable said that it will provide Watts with the “full benefits of NASO insurance, legal and consultation services. Whatever course of action he intends to take in order to have his assault properly redressed, NASO will stand in support of him.”

The organization said addressing the actions of the players is “just a starting point” and called for a full investigation.

Here is the full statement:


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