Junior to compete in national conference

Junior to compete in national conference


Junior to compete in national conference



On June 29 Shaler Area Junior David Berdik will travel to Chicago to compete in FBLA’s National Leadership Conference.   He will be competing in Desktop application program, a career and field he would very much like to pursue after high school. He is the first student from Shaler to qualify for Nationals.

Berdik had previously competed in the State Leadership Conference back in April and won their, which now qualifies him for nationals. Following the state level competition David is permitted to modify his project and resubmit it for the national competition.

“At the moment, my focus is on implementing changes to the program that were suggested by those who judged it,” Berdik said.

Though a field that Berdik enjoys competing in, he says it does come with some challenging aspects to it, saying the most challenging part of competing is not knowing anything about your opponents.

“Although you may think you put together a very good program and gave a very good presentation, you have absolutely no idea whether or not any of your opponents did anything better than you,” Berdik said.

Behind the students of the FBLA are teachers Lisa Klugh and Autumn Sprys, both business teachers at Shaler Area. Both are very involved in getting students to join FBLA and helping students getting ready for competition.

“Ms.Klugh is responsible for getting me to join FBLA; she must have known that if she asked if I was interested in joining enough times, I would because that is exactly what happened,” Berdik said.

When it comes to helping get ready for a competition like this Berdik will need to make some minor changes to his program and make some final tweaks before presenting it at nationals.

“This is a field David truly enjoys and has taken all of the classes at Shaler and is very knowledgeable when it comes to this content,” Ms. Lisa Klugh said.

The FBLA is a program that has been around at Shaler for a long time and has seen great change over the years, although having success this year, FBLA advisor Ms.Klugh said this year was more of a rebuilding year and is hoping for more involvement next year.

“I’m hoping to get more kids who enjoy this field and we want to start doing more things involving the community next year,” Klugh said.

Berdik will compete in Chicago at the FBLA NLC on June 29- July 2.


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