Kansas City school's freshman team to feature girl starting QB

Brooke Liebsch, the female quarterback of Liberty North's freshman football team — WDAF screen shot

Kansas City school's freshman team to feature girl starting QB

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Kansas City school's freshman team to feature girl starting QB


There are subtle winds of change at Liberty North High School in suburban Kansas City, Missouri. Change, because what is happening there has never been done before, but subtle because, according to all those close to the program, it all feels quite natural.

At the outset of the 2015 football season, the Liberty North freshman football team will feature a female starting quarterback. Her name is Brooke Liebsch, she’s a phenomenal athlete and experienced football player, and she’s expected to be the best passer to put on a freshman uniform at the school.

“Girls can do anything a guy can do. Girls can be just as strong as a guy. There’s a lot of them that play football,” Liebsch told Kansas City Fox affiliate WDAF. “Some girls say girls shouldn’t play football, which I don’t get why, because girls can do anything guys can do.”

Liebsch insists that she’s used to taking big hits — “I don’t care if they hit me or not” — and is more focused on helping her team. In fact, she’s happy lining up at wide receiver, defensive back or any skill position, practically any role except for the ones most traditional to female football players: place kicker and offensive line.

That makes her an impressive exception, though her current coach, Liberty North freshman football coach Brian Rockers, told WDAF that he’d be happy to incorporate more female players into his squad if he could.

“Girls listen a lot better than guys do for some reason,” Brian Rockers, Liberty North’s first-year freshman coach, said. “That’s just the way it is. She allows us to coach and she lets us coach her and she listens.”


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