The Keion Joyner Blog: Country's No. 1 junior LB blogs about recruiting, coaches' tactics and more

The Keion Joyner Blog: Country's No. 1 junior LB blogs about recruiting, coaches' tactics and more

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The Keion Joyner Blog: Country's No. 1 junior LB blogs about recruiting, coaches' tactics and more


Keion Joyner is the No. 1 linebacker and No. 5 overall prospect in the 247 Composite National rankings for 2016 and is one of the most feared hitters in the country. That’s got everyone from Auburn to Alabama to LSU to North Carolina to Florida and Florida State, among many others in hot pursuit. Joyner, a junior who hails from Havelock (Havelock, N.C.), has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Keion Joyner Blog

Hey this is your boy Keion and this is my first blog with USA Today! I just want to let y’all in on how I do things and how I live so check me out.

First, let me back up and tell you guys about how we finished up this season; we went all the way and lost 24-3 in the championship. Of course that’s not the way we wanted to go out but the good part is that afterwards you get to think about things and you get to develop even more as a player because of the experience.

Now I’m playing basketball, mostly to stay in shape, and I’ll probably be running track too.

I’m pretty nice on the court; I play the three and the four. I like to shoot and dunk on people!

Our team is good too!

We went to the Final Four last year and lost to Hunt. We’ve only lost one conference game so far and, honestly, I think this is our year. I think we’re gonna go all the way!

As for my recruitment, it’s going good. I don’t think about it too much on a serious level; sometimes when you pay attention too close to it you can get bigheaded and that’s just not me. Right now I’m just enjoying it and hearing everyone out.

I’ve got offers from LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Clemson, UNC, N.C. State, Florida State, South Carolina, Notre Dame and some others too.

It’s pretty cool to get to know all of these coaches; just seeing my name first on the board for most wanted players is always big for me. It’s one thing to hear a coach tell you you’re first, but to see it on the actual board is big.

I’ve seen it at North Carolina, LSU and Florida.

It just shows me that one day my talent will be shown to the world. It’s a blessing, but I’m pretty sure I won’t decide until my senior year.

I’ve been the No. 1 linebacker in my class since my sophomore year and I’ve kept that ranking, which is cool, but, honestly for me, I just try to work to get better. I focus on that. I really try to do something better every day and I work to get my teammates better every day. I just feel like when you focus on that you have more success than worrying about where you’re ranked and things like that.

Right now I’m benching 245 pounds, I deadlift 380 pounds and I squat 275 pounds.

Sometimes people ask me what’s the best part about playing football and I always tell them – I just like to hit people. It’s a big rush for me. The fans just get so hype and it’s the best atmosphere to be in for a player.

I’ll definitely get out to a few camps this summer; right now I’ll be at the Five-Star Challenge and a couple team camps.

I’m planning to visit UNC, Florida State, LSU and Florida too, but I’m not sure of when yet. I’ll let you guys know when I lock those dates down.

When I’m not working out and training I pretty much stay at home and chill.

As far as what I listen to, right now I’m listening to a lot of Lil Wayne and Lil Herb that’s pretty much it.

School is going cool; I’ve got a 3.1 GPA and I just finished a Biology project dealing with the Periodic Table and describing how elements are used. I think I did pretty good, but I won’t know my grade for a while.

OK guys this is Keion signing out; again this is my first blog and I appreciate y’all reading.

Stay tuned for the next one coming soon!

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