Lessons from The Professor: Breaking down The 20 Cents jukemove

Lessons from The Professor: Breaking down The 20 Cents jukemove


Lessons from The Professor: Breaking down The 20 Cents jukemove


Back in 2003, Grayson Boucher left small-town Keizer, Ore., to join the And1 MixTape Tour traveling all over the world breaking ankles and taking names on the hardwood. He knew he’d have lots to prove if he was going to live up to his catchy moniker “The Professor”; an alias he earned because he schooled the opposition on the court. Today The Professor is the most well-known streetballer in the world and it virtually unguardable. It’s only right that he created SuperHumanDribbling, a series that teaches players how to have Professor-like ball handling skills. Now he’s agreed to break down flashy moves every week this summer for hoopers in a blog with USA Today.

Grayson "The Professor" Boucher

Grayson “The Professor” Boucher

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What’s up guys; I’m back to give y’all another move to add to the repertoire!

This one is called The 20 Cents!

It’s a little more basic, but it’s a move that can really get the defender and get you those style points pretty quickly.

First, what you want to do is get the defender off balance a little so you hit him with a series of crossovers; about three or four. Then I’ll throw it off the backboard so it comes back to me and I’ll catch it in mid-air and shoot it.

I call it The 20 Cents because if you throw a dime it’s 10 cents, but this is kinda like a double-dime because it’s to yourself.

It’s one of my newer moves and it’s pretty simple in theory, but it’ll take a good amount of practice, confidence and repetition like all the rest.

As always, read this over and over until you’ve got it down cold then watch the video below and practice.

After that I want you to send in videos or questions using the hashtag: #ProfessorMovesUSA

Let’s see what you can do! We may pick your video to be featured in the next installment!

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