Lessons from The Professor: Breaking down The Miyagi jukemove

Lessons from The Professor: Breaking down The Miyagi jukemove


Lessons from The Professor: Breaking down The Miyagi jukemove


Back in 2003, Grayson Boucher left small-town Keizer, Ore., to join the And1 MixTape Tour traveling all over the world breaking ankles and taking names on the hardwood. He knew he’d have lots to prove if he was going to live up to his catchy moniker “The Professor”; an alias he earned because he schooled the opposition on the court. Today The Professor is the most well-known streetballer in the world and is virtually unguardable. It’s only right that he created SuperHumanDribbling, a series that teaches players how to have Professor-like ball handling skills. Now he’s agreed to break down flashy moves every week this summer for hoopers in a blog with USA Today.

Grayson "The Professor" Boucher

Grayson “The Professor” Boucher

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What’s going on everybody!

I hope you guys are doing people in with The Time Lapse move from last week!

This will be the last move for the summer, but I know that everyone has plenty of moves in this series that they’ve added to the repertoire.

They’re all legal so feel free to use them during your seasons this year.

The last move is called The Miyagi! Yes, as in Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid!

I gave it that name because it looks similar to a karate move.

I dribble up and do two swing fakes at the ball. In my right hand I’ll go over the ball and in my left hand I go a little behind the ball. The swing fakes are similar to what Pistol Pete used to do back in the day!

OK, so after the two swing fakes the defenders are on their heels and that’s when I’ll grab the ball with my right or left hand, go between my legs and go behind-the-back from there.

It’s a really strong move and one that you can definitely get the defense off balance with.

OK, as always, practice hard and show me the final product using the hashtag #ProfessorMovesUSAT.

Check out the video below to make sure you’re doing it correctly too.

Once again I appreciate everyone who’s studied and tried all of the moves in the series!

I hope you learned some valuable lessons and moves to implement whether you’re playing pickup with friends or playing in a league or for your school.

Check out my site SuperHumanDribbling.com to get more pointers going forward.

See you guys soon!

Twitter: @Professor12

Instagram: @globalhooper


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